Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Healthy Habits I Want To Start in 2018


Much like last year, I'm going to call my New Year's Resolutions something else to try and psychologically trick myself into succeeding - so that's what this is.

I realised a few weeks back, that my life is very much a mess; I rarely do homework at home, I don't eat very well or take care of myself properly, I forget a lot of things I need to do and I definitely don't sleep as much as I should. Hence this list of habits I want to take up in the New Year (and hopefully continue as long as possible, which will hopefully be a long time).

Something that I do want to focus on a lot in the new year is making sure that I look after myself. I didn't realise the effects of not doing this until a few months ago; self-care leads to a life being far fuller and I was not doing that. Hence why I think its appropriate for me to include some of these things in my life.

Set aside at least half an hour on weekdays (an hour on weekends) for "mindfulness" - i.e. journaling, going on a walk (preferably with the dog), watching a film
Spend at least an hour with my family after school

Take selfies when you feel good about yourself
Paint my nails whenever I'm not at school for a while (long weekends, holidays, for events)
Take as many photos as I can - and put them on walls and in photo albums
See my friends outside of school at least once a month
FaceTime my cousins at least once a fortnight
Talk to someone when I need help/reassurance/a rant/support or whatever
This year, I really want to start looking after myself better, as much like self-care, this always comes after school and other responsibilities, and I've come to realise that doing that is not a good idea.

Drink green tea at least daily - its apparently good for you
Drink the recommended amount of water a day
Make and stick to a workout plan
Make myself a packed lunch for a school at least 4 days a week
Drink a glass of water every morning before breakfast
Don't eat a load of crap after school - have something relatively healthy or wait until tea
Eat breakfast everyday - and make myself cooked breakfast in weekends/holidays
Learn to look after my skin properly

Wake up before 7am every weekday and before 8am on weekends
Get into bed (with no phone) by 10:30pm on school nights and before 11:00pm on weekends and holidays

Personal Development
Everyone says that they want to become a better person in the new year; I've done this myself, but I never really thought through how I would do it.

Read at least 1 chapter of a book everyday
Read a minimum of three books a month - variety of genres/authors through the year
Practice the languages I started to learn
Try new recipes and bake/cook often
Stop caring about what everyone else thinks of me
Wear clothes that make me feel good

Start making decisions for myself

Don't agree to things that I don't have time for/make promises that I can't keep

Stop pencilling my life choices around other people

Apply the quotes I save to my Pinterest boards to my life

Don't be worried to give compliments

Work to become the girl you wish you were


Try and blog when I can
Try and make YouTube videos other than monthly vlogs

Reply to penpal letters within a week of receiving them

Find time to dance more outside of lessons

Bake more often and take them to friends/neighbours


In 2017, my 'school life' slipped and I ended up being stressed a lot and very rarely doing my homework at home. I want to get into a routine that will hopefully mean that I not only do well in my GCSEs, but I also start living better too.

Do homework between 7pm and 9:30pm
Start taking a water bottle to school and refill it at lunch
Reward myself with a cup of tea at 9:30pm after homework
Add to revision notebooks when I'm bored/have free time
Always do something do my hair for school - that makes me look a little bit like I have my life together
Do not stress in excess
Ask someone/a teacher if I need help with something

Thank you for reading today's post! Let me know any of your 'resolutions' below! I hope you have a wonderful new year!

Parle bientot,
Charlotte x


  1. Best of luck with these lovely! I’ve set myself a few goals for this month such as daily yoga practise (loving it!!) my only goal for the year is to read a book every week - already on book 2!! X


  2. Just stumbled across your blog, it's so nicely themed aahh

    xx Daisy