Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Name Calling + Homophobia || WI #1

One of my best friends was hurt today. Not physically hurt like punched or anything, but they were hurt. And you see, if anyone I even remotely care about gets hurt, I go absolutely mental.

Today someone said something to her that hurt them. It was just words, but I could see how upset and hurt my friend was - and I wasn't having it. I talked to them after school, we talked about telling our form tutor about it, but then she was scared. They were scared that if they told our form tutor about what those people had said to her, that he would treat them differently or tell other people. She was worried.

Here's my point:

Its 2016. TWO THOUSAND AND SIXTEEN. And people are still using 'lesbian', 'gay' and other LGBT+ "labels" as insults. WAT. WAT. We are getting better as a world, we are improving, we are evolving. At least, that's what I thought. But we're not really, are we? I mean, teenagers, and even little kids, are using these words because they think they'll be able to upset people by using them. I'm sorry but that's not okay... actually, I'm not sorry at all. ITS JUST NOT OKAY.

People kill themselves over this. People think that their lives aren't worth anything. People get bullied and hated because of this. People die. And all because a silly kid thought calling them 'gay' was a good insult to use on them.