Sunday, 9 October 2016

Being An Empowered Young Woman - Book Review || #SPON


Its been a while. I'm very sorry, but I'm back now! And today, I'm reviewing a book I was kindly sent. Without further ado..... LET US BEGIN!

Well, this book is right up your street! (If you are like me, that is!) As a young lady with strong minded and rather adult persona, I am very happy that I was kindly offered the opportunity to receive and review this book on my blog! 'Beautiful: Becoming An Empowered Young Woman' is all about entering the teenage phase of life and contains a whole load of tips and guidance for girls and young women entering the increasingly complicated world we live in.

Just so you get a feel for the book, I'll write out the blurb:

"Do you remember your first kiss? Your first heartbreak? Your first bra? The first time your best friend betrayed you? Beautiful: Being an Empowered Young Woman peels back the truth behind becoming a woman in a chaotic world where airbrushed perfection is beauty - when in reality, beauty is being who you are. Beautiful offers strategies to help young women cope with contemporary issues, like body image, the media, relationships, competition, sex and peer pressure. It explores the way adolescents see and talk about themselves, and answers the big questions young women are afraid to ask. Naomi Katz offers truths about conquering adolescence and cultivating a unique sense of self. Weaving together narratives of real teens, Katz, a teacher who has worked with young women all over the globe, proves inspiration for growing girls looking for guidance in an increasingly complicated world."
The book starts with Naomi talking about cat-calling and how she was talking the girls in her 7th and 8th grade classes. Naomi asked them about cat-calling and what shocked me was the fact that 12-14 year old girls - the same age as me - were being cat-called on the streets of New York City. This also clearly disgusted Naomi, and thus she wrote this incredible book.

But as well as how to deal with the pig half section of our species, Katz also has chapters on:

The Crazy Teenage World
Not Questioning Yourself, But Questioning the Media Instead
How You See Your Body
'Why are my friends so mean to each other?'
How do I want to be treated? How Do I want to treat others?
'Cool kids' drinking and doing drugs
Girls of Different Races and How We Are All the same
Family, friends and relationships
and... Knowing, choosing and respecting yourself
As soon as I read that list, I knew this book would feature EVERYTHING we should be taught at school, and when I read it, I knew I was right. Its like having a big sister; She knows so much about life, she has already been through everything you're going through and she is completely open about everything (literally everything).
The chapter that stood out to me most was 'How Do I See My Body'. This is because since I was about 9 or 10, I started feeling self conscious about my appearance and it has gotten worse recently (I will either blog or make a video about this in the future). In this chapter, Naomi writes about so many important topics like eating disorders and eating right, how the world sees you and the media portraying 'the perfect body'. This part of the book was definitely incredibly helpful to me and I kept asking myself why I didn't know this already. But, now, I am incredibly happy I know about this topic in a different way.

This book will be like you bible for life in your teenage years - honestly, no joke. I actually mean it. In each chapter, there are little boxes with extra topics to do with the main topic; These include: 'Responding to catcalls', 'What Are Hormones' (I know the answer to that one! Bloody awful), 'Dealing with Stress', 'Getting Help', 'Unwelcome Sex' and 'Feeling Safe At Home'.

This post isn't just one of those sponsored posts, where the blogger gets sent something then they write about it. No. This post is honest. I honestly love this book and I will definitely be using it over the next few years, and who knows, if I keep it safe, I'll give it to the next generation. But I kind of hope I wont have to, and that everything in this glorious piece of art is taught one day soon. Thank you Naomi for teaching me so many things.

You can buy Beautiful on Amazon, here!

Parle bientot et Je t'aime,
Charlotte <3


  1. I need to read this book! This sounds like something I would love so thanks for the recommendations xx

  2. Great post! This book sounds so good - will definitely buy it! :)
    Amy xx

  3. I have never heard of this but I will have to give it a read, it seems like something I would really be interested in. Thank you for sharing pretty lady! x