Sunday, 23 October 2016

I Need Motivation


Hey everyone. So, you may have noticed I haven't exactly posted much over the last 3 months. Up until about 20 minutes ago, I didn't really understand why. But, now, 20 minutes later, I wanted to explain it to you as well as try and make logical sense of it myself. Sooooo, here goes!

I think one point of why I haven't felt as motivated to blog is I have had a lot on recently. I know that a huge chunk of the blogging community are still in school and I know that a lot of us struggle to juggle (ayyy) school and blogging. In many ways, this is true; I've had so much work to do recently, and even less motivation to do that. This means, its taken me longer to do that, then at the end of the school work, I have little to no energy left to blog. Plus, on top of that, there have been a lot of school events/meetings etc etc etc of which I was required to attend - fun, fun, fun!

Additionally, I haven't really felt the motivation to blog as every time I sit down to write, I start the post, then delete it all as I know its fake. I know that when I write about certain things, I'm not writing them for me or as me, I'm writing them because someone on Pinterest said they were 'popular' and 'creative'. I'm writing them because 'its important to make good content'. But I don't want to make fake content anymore. I have already spoken about this briefly in another post, but I want to write posts that have more meaning, rather than 'blogging goals'.

Also, I know I shouldn't be bothered by numbers, but I am. My pageviews and post reads have fallen by a huge chunk in the last 3/4 months. My Instagram following is either staying more or less the same or decreasing. My Twitter following is doing the same. My blog posts from April/May/June time were getting about 200 views, but since about August, they've been more or less around 80 (some have surpassed that, but they weren't really 'me'). And I shouldn't be bothered or disheartened by numbers, but I am. It makes me feel so demotivated to put time and effort into things, if they're not going to go down well.

Yeah, so that is all I want to tell you today I think. I'm going to try really hard to get back into blogging, especially seen as Winter is on the horizon!
Parle bientot et Je t'aime,
Charlotte <3

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Being An Empowered Young Woman - Book Review || #SPON


Its been a while. I'm very sorry, but I'm back now! And today, I'm reviewing a book I was kindly sent. Without further ado..... LET US BEGIN!