Wednesday, 28 September 2016

People Who Make Me Laugh || #MHP


Laughter is such a big part of happiness, to me anyway. So, for today's Happiness Project post I thought I'd write about all of (or most of) the lovely people who make me laugh.

So let's start with comedians:

When I'm not feeling my best and I fancy a change from turning to YouTube, I will often get into bed, turn on Netflix and watch a comedy show. The comedians who I will definitely search for are Russell Howard (I also love his TV show), Jack Whitehall (similarly, I love his TV shows too), Michael McIntyre (he's just bloody good) and Miranda. More often than not, I just get my Miranda TV show box set out and watch that rather than searching through Netflix!

Next, the internet!

The internet (or YouTube in particular) has always been somewhere I know I'd laugh when I was down. Some of my favourite people to watch are Dan and Phil (individually, but together more so - read why, here), Dodie Clark (if you read my post from August, you'll know I can't sing her praises enough), Evan Edinger (his pun game is 100% and I know no matter how bad they are, I'll still laugh), Jack Howard (just, just put him into the search bar and you'll know why. K?) and Liza Koshy. Now, let us talk about Liza. Morgan knows how much I love Liza - she is a shared interest between us - this is because, much like Evan, her pun game is fire. No matter how many times I've heard her puns, I know I'll still laugh every time.

And finally, the people I actually know!

If you have read my 'People Who Make Me Happy' #MHP post, then you'll know how much I bloody love my friends and family. In particular, I'd like to mention Dea J'aine, Charli, Holly and Mol (Molly). Dea J'aine, you all know how much I love her and how much she makes me laugh, Charli always has something bloody funny to say about something, Holly is just, well she's just Holly and that's why I love her and why she makes me laugh. Mol, ah Molly. When Molly joined our school last year, she started one of the biggest and most progressive inside jokes and its still funny - a slight concern now - but still kind of funny. Everyday, this joke appears somehow and Molly always has something funny to say about it. If you'd like a hint to the joke, here it is: (you won't get it, but my school friends will)

Molly is the one of the far left ;-)
Anywho! That is all for today (tonight... whoops)! I hope you enjoyed this #MHP post! TELL ME WHO MAKES YOU LAUGH IN THE COMMENTS BELOW!

That is all. As you were.

Parle bientot et Je t'aime,
Charlotte <3


  1. Just read this Charlotte! And yasss Liza's puns are always the BESTTT 👌 Gorgeous post (as always) lyyyy x

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  3. Just seen this. Absolutely love it hahah xx made me laugh ;) and very true also haha