Wednesday, 28 September 2016

People Who Make Me Laugh || #MHP


Laughter is such a big part of happiness, to me anyway. So, for today's Happiness Project post I thought I'd write about all of (or most of) the lovely people who make me laugh.

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Autumn + Halloween Blog Post Ideas


So with Autumn (AND HALLOWEEN) approaching (yaaaaayyy), I thought I'd do a post where I list some of my favourite blog post ideas for this season, because I know that I definitely get blogger's block when it comes to Autumn and Winter. And I wrote 50 OF THEM! WHAAAT??! Ermhm. So without further ado, let us begin!

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Autumn Bucket List 2016

Bonjour Mes Petits Croissants!

Hey! How are we all? I'm so sorry for my absence over the past two months, but I'm getting back into blogging now and I'm planning so many exciting blog posts and YouTube videos *cheeky spon*. But today my lovelies, I thought I'd write an 'Autumn Bucket List', seen as Autumn is on the horizon! Side Note: I may use the word 'fall' instead of Autumn, because I don't want to use the same word sooo many times - I don't say 'fall'. Without further ado, let us begin!


Wednesday, 7 September 2016

20 Before Twenty || #MHP


So, you may have noticed that I have been rather absent on here lately. That is for a few reasons,

one: I have started a YouTube channel! So I have been trying to get that up and running! You can check it out HERE if you like!
two: I have just started back at school and my bus has been changed and waking up at 6:20am is quite a shock to the system after 6 weeks, so I'm trying to get back into that.
three: I had a bit of a bad few days in August and they left me incredibly demotivated to do anything, but I'm back now and I'm planning out blog posts and videos and I'm back into it now!
Any-hoo, today I thought I'd do a post that is maybe a little different and that is a '20 Before Twenty' list. This essentially is a bucket list of 2o things you want to do before you turn 20 years old. Soooo, without further-ado - LET'S GET STARTED!