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Acting, My Passion - Guest Post by Róisín // MHP


So you may know about me opening up My Happiness Project to other people who would like to write for it. You may have seen Guilianna;s post from last month, but if not, you can have a little read of that here. But for today's MHP post, the lovely Róisín is going to tell you all about what makes her happy -  let's go!

My name is Róisín (pronounced Row-Shian) but you can call me Ró (pronounced Ró). I am a 17 year old and my blog is


I love to act and I have been acting ever since I was around 8 years old. I did ballet and Irish dancing before that, so I already had experience on stage. It has been one of my longest hobby that I have ever had.
I started Speech and Drama when I was eight years old as it was a suggestion on my Dyslexia report and my Mam decided to enrol my older brother and I. At first, I didn't really like it but it slowly grew on me and until I was looking forward to it each week. It was something to look forward to when I went back to school after the Christmas holidays as we would start our play, this was by far my favourite. The exams I found slightly boring but the plays were what I lived for. I have such found memories of becoming my character and learning my lines. Since when I first started Speech and Drama, I have done 8 grades in total, Grade 4-10, Certificate of Speech and Drama.
This year, I was asked by my lovely Speech and Drama teacher to do a charity play and of course I leaped at the opportunity. I have written a post about it HERE and HERE. It was a lovely 10 weeks working with a mainly adult cast, which is way different to working with your peers, and getting to know them. I loved every minute from the first read through, rehearsals, photo shoot, dress rehearsals to the big night itself.
The big night was wonderful I enjoyed it so much and it was a great laugh going around in a wedding dress at 16 years old. I had to sing We Go Together from Grease which I enjoyed even though I was a little nervous about it.

I didn't realise until after it was over that I loved it so much. I know not everyone will understand it but when you love doing something so much and then it's gone, I felt like I had lost apart of myself the week after.

I love the character development, the costumes, the backstage fun, meeting new people and the adrenalin of being on stage.

What makes you happy?
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  1. I didn't know you liked to act, Ro! This post was so interesting! Loved it!