Thursday, 21 July 2016

Year 9 - A Reflection


AAAAHH! Last day of school this year!! YEAAAAAHH BUDDY!! No but seriously, I'M SOOO FREAKING TIRED! So after I've finished and posted this, SLEEP FOR CHARLOTTE!

Just a head's up: this could end up being a very long post, so if you're willing to stick around, I'd grab some tea and get comfy!

I can't really remember my first day of year 9, but I sure as hell can remember the rest! At my school, its in year 9 when we start GCSEs, so you know, THATS FUN. But I'm going to tell you maybe a couple of stories, some things I've learnt through the year (maybe or maybe not school related, we'll see...) and maybe some other little bits too! Let's get started, shall we? *If you understand that, we can be friends forever*

Year 9 started off a little differently to year 7 and 8, I wasn't used to it, but I got on with it - ish. Also, my "friendship group" kind of changed a bit. I was close to some people, who am not with that much anymore, but now, I'm closer with more people and different people. I've learnt things about people and myself - I think that's through my friends mainly. My form tutor said to me once that I'm the sort of person that people trust. They'll come to me with their problems, because they know/think I'll be able to help them and they know that I'd be there with them not matter what - whether we are good friends or not. And I guess that's kind of true. And that's happened this year I guess *again*. I've answered a text from a sad friend at 1am and made sure they went to sleep, I've helped with relationship advice (even though I have no experience in that area W-H-A-T-S-O-E-V-E-R) and I've tried my best to look after my friends whenever they needed someone, or whenever I thought they needed someone. Because this year, I've grown up - I say that "I'm a 14 year-old with the mind of a 50 year old", because I act/am far older than I actually am sometimes, because that's me. That's who I am.

Year 9 has taught me many a thing, for example, there are only 10 types of people in the world (that one's for you Mr Johnson), my biology teacher basically saved someone's life (she's told us this story like 3 times), some elements make pretty colours but are incredibly toxic, physics isn't actually that bad *I KNOW*, French lessons are 60% speaking starters and history has no facts! its all opinions! EDUCATION! Yes mate.

But in all seriousness, year 9 has been one of the best and worst years of my life. Its been one of the most fun, hilarious, memorable and interesting, but also one of the most difficult, sad and stressful. I am sure that most of you will know that I haven't had the best year in terms of school work/stress and that but, if I didn't have stress and all of these lil' issues, then I wouldn't have started Living For Myself, I wouldn't have started My Happiness Project, I wouldn't have started writing [stories] again and I wouldn't have realised my potential.

Year 9 has also brought so many stories, memories and events that I *hopefully* will never forget. For example, the 4 blinds that broke in our form room within 2 months - sorry Sir -, Dea's fabulous day of being hyper (which you can read about here), MJ and all the funny stuff surrounding that topic, the Summer Fayre,  Harry and Lewis' delightful nickname for me, Oliver answering "Quidditch" to most questions in Computing, Charli using pads to "mop up" her sweat patches and, of course, Raif and Toby's debates in English.

But most of all, this year, I have learnt and understood so much more than I could ever imagine on doing. I've learnt why its important to fight for what you believe in and how I should go about doing that. I've learnt how to deal with things I don't always understand. I've learnt how much I love my friends. I've learnt what makes me happy. I really hope that this all carries on into Year 10, but for now, school is out of the way for a bit.

I've had so much fun this year, I've got so many memories, I've got so many people I love. And I love you all, every single one of you.

Charli is looking very freaking majestic. Am I right?!

I apologise if you are offended by Toby's gesture. I will be having words with his parents! ;-D

I know I've said it a million times already, but I do love you all so very much. You've all made this the best year yet, even with everything bad that's happened, you've all
made it brighter. You've all made my world better, seeing you everyday makes me smile and I'm going to miss seeing "Poppy's hair salon" every morning when I walk in. I'm going to miss the struggle of getting through 9C to get into my form room. I'm going to miss Alfie shouting "Oi...... B***h!" at Rae every morning. I'm going to miss every little thing. Its only for 6 weeks, but I don't care. I love you all too much xxx

Parle bientot et Je t'aime,
Charlotte <3


  1. aww, i love you too Charlotte, you're my best friend and I am so proud of you - that was the most beautiful post ever <3 stay strong gorgeous! Love you so much xx ~ Evie

    1. Thank you Evie x I love you too x I am incredibly proud of you too x Thank you again, love you even more Xxxxx

    2. That I soo cute.. Luv you ...i know I wasn't mentioned but thought I should read it anyway. Xx
      ALLY X

    3. I love you too! Aw, you are definitely included love xxxxx

  2. I'm glad you had a good year and made some memories. Reading this made me feel old I've just finished year 12!

  3. This made me so nostalgic for high school! - I left four years ago and still miss it. It's really refreshing to see someone being honest about how great their time at school is - it's the only time when you're guaranteed to be around your friends all day, every day, and it really moulds you as a person. I hope you have a great summer and stay positive about school through the rest of your time there - it really is about so much more than just grades.
    Lx | life, et cetera

  4. Aw this is such a lovely post to read! I'm glad you had such a good year and you have so many lovely photos to remember it buy xx

    Thrifty vintage fashion

  5. Year 9 was amazing . We had become much better friends and closer Xxxx Its Charlotte Evans btw

  6. This is such a lovely post Charlotte, it is so nice to see people reflecting on themselves xx