Monday, 25 July 2016

Growing In My Faith - Guest Post by Guilianna // MHP

Hey everyone! So you may know about My Happiness Project, which I started in mid-May this year, when my thoughts started getting the better of me and I started feeling depressed a lot of the time. My Happiness Project is where I can write posts when I'm feeling down about topics that make me happy or sometimes even the topics that make me sad.
So, I've decided to make MHP into a guest post project, as well as my own posts - that way, you lovely people will get a bigger range of topics and ideas from other bloggers and people!
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To start of the guest posts of MHP, the lovely Guilianna will be talking about how her faith keeps her happy!
Hi everyone!
I’m Guilianna, a seventeen-year-old beauty, fashion, and life blogger. I blog over at

I am sincerely a happy Christian. This is because I’ve set my mind and my heart upon God’s love and His grace. And you can too.

This post doesn’t just apply to developing Christians. This post applies to everyone. Whether you are an atheist or a hardcore Christian.

As 9th grade approached I began to develop a craving for knowledge of my faith… In 10 grade, my hunger had been satisfied; I began reading the Holy Bible with a close friend. As our relationships grew closer to God, our relationship began to grow too.

Love God

I always knew God loved me despite what I did. He would always love me. Knowing that he loved me made it a lot easier for me to fall in love with him. Our relationship flourished from there. Day after day, I would get to know Him… and He would get to know me through prayer.


As far as I’m concerned, there is no correct way to pray. The only way I know how to pray is to simply talk from my heart. I lay down on my bed and talk to God as if I’m talking to a friend. From there, I just let it transform me. God can do incredible things in us through our prayers.
I recommend keeping a prayer journal. I use one notebook for daily journal entries, prayers, etc. I can resort back to it whenever I'm in need. Looking back at it, I can see which prayers have been answered and which ones still have yet to. I think that's absolutely incredible seeing God's works in the making.

Have Patience

I am probably one of, if not the most, impatient person in the entire world. This is something I struggle with daily. God exercises more patience than we ever could. No matter how many times I mess up, God won’t run out of patience with me.

Be Yourself

Christianity shouldn’t be something you are ashamed of. I learned this the hard way.
I liked reading the Bible in the comfort of my own home as opposed to school. When I did it in school with a close friend people could potentially hear our conversation. That was quite new to me. Now, it’s nothing. Now I can pray in front of people without feeling uncomfortable. I can talk about Jesus and everything that comes along with Him. Being a Christian is something I am proud of. It’s made me a happier person in the long-run.

I hope you gained something from my word. God truly does make an impact on our lives each and everyday. I can see him weaving his works in my life right now.

Thanks for reading,


  1. Thank you so much, Charlotte! I really appreciate you allowing me to be apart of this wonderful project! xx

  2. This is such an amazing idea! I really hope I can make a project that inspires people like this one day! X