Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Dear David Cameron // Collab

This post today is going to be a little different, as it is going to be aimed at the past PM of the UK, David Cameron! Although, him swapping with Theresa May today didn't exactly help the 2 month plan of this post, but still!! I'm not really going to edit it that much as I pre-write this a week or two ago. My amazing friend Jade and I got into quite the heated discussion a few weeks back, about everything that we find completely and entirely unfair in society and especially our country today. So be sure to go and visit Jade over on her [bloody fantastic] blog, Simply Jadey, where she is also writing a letter to David Cameron. I hope you like our posts and that you hopefully agree with us!}

Dear David Cameron,
                   Life isn't fair, is it? I mean, yours probably is, but for a majority of people, its a right pain in the backside sometimes. That's why I wanted to write this. Because I believe that there are sooooo many issues in society today, that you have the power to fix, but you haven't. That's right Mr Cameron sir, you are going to be told what's-what by two teenage girls.

The first issue that I'd like to address is teenagers. Why do you and your army of poshed up MPs believe that we are stupid and naïve and useless and "too young to understand" and vulnerable and that we just mess around? Because, for the most of us, that's just not true. Teenagers are ignored because adults think that we are stupid and naïve and uneducated in the way of the world. But that, believe it or not, is also wrong. You may think that we are uneducated in the way the world works, that's because you and your posse don't think that it is important enough to be on our curriculum, but we know about it. We know how a large portion of it works, no thanks to you. You see Mr Cameron, we've had to educate ourselves on why its important to love ourselves and why we shouldn't care what anyone says and why there are equality issues and why people aren't accepted into the world, but surely, that was your job. That was your job to make sure we learn about the world, but you failed. And you failed hard.
A vast majority of teenagers know whats going on and they know that the world is going down-hill because of you and all your little oompa-loompas. All teenagers have a voice. Everyone has a voice, but most of us aren't allowed to use ours. Some teenagers today have more common sense that some adults! Most teenagers don't have a problem with who is in love with who, no matter what gender. Some adults do. Most teenagers agree that all genders should be equal. Some adults don't. A lot of teenage bloggers write about important life things like mental health, anxiety and other issues like that, some adult bloggers don't.
And we have had to start our own community to be noticed, appreciated and understood. If you were to look on Instagram for example, you would find thousands of accounts dedicated to gender equality and beating homophobia and transphobia, as well as all the other phobias. You see Mr Cameron, surely you and your little munchkins should have made us all feel accepted and respected for who we are and we shouldn't have had to do it ourselves. Now, I'm not calling you homophobic, transphobic, sexist or anything like that, *well I might call you an idiot and I might use a few stronger words than that, but hopefully you get the gist*. All I ask *for this section* is that you make sure that we are respected, because that's what we deserve. We know all about world issues, because we have taught it to ourselves. We want to be respected because we know what's right. We want to be respected

Secondly, EDUCATION! I know what you are thinking, "stupid teenager complaining about her education. She doesn't know how lucky she is". Well firstly, I do know how lucky I am. I know that not everyone has an education and that really upsets me. Secondly, I thought we established in the last paragraph that I am quite world-weary?  Any-who, your education system is ballsed up *sorry for my choice of words*. There are so many problems and issues within it and you and your chums haven't fixed them yet, instead it is blamed on us. The lazy, good for nothing teenagers, that you think we are.
Why do you think we should learn the things we have no interest in? Why do you think that it'll help us? Why can't we learn what we want to learn, instead of the stuff your friends think we should know? Let's clear something up. I hate chemistry, biology, physics and computer science. I hate them. I can't do them and I have no interest in them. So why are you making me learn them? My dad and I were talking about this and he asked me what I'd like to learn, I replied quite quickly with, "media studies, photography, fashion maybe, and stuff like that". I said those things because they are my interests. They are what I want a career in. Not physics or biology and definitely not chemistry or computer science. So why are you making me learn it?

And finally, I'm just going to type out the message I sent to Jade, because I feel it gets some of my points across well. "Its so annoying how a lot of us [teenagers] have more sense than some adult and they [adults/the government] think we are completely naïve to the world around us, even though we know exactly what is going on and why its wrong. Its so stupid that they think they know better than us, just because they're a few years [decades] older than us! What does age matter?! Surely its common sense?! Its like basically ALL teenagers couldn't care less about what sexuality someone is, or what gender someone identifies as or anything like that, because we don't see a problem with anyone liking a certain person, but its adults who cause the problems. They're the people who discriminate. They're the ones who disown their children because of who they are. They're the ones who take us to war. They're the ones who are supposed to know what's best for us, for everyone and they're just making the problem worst. Honestly, I'm so sick of it all."

I hope that I got my point across Mr Cameron. Jade's post has a lot more details in that we wanted to address. I also hope that we've made you realise how much of a shambles you turned our country into, because we clearly understand that far better than you do. Bai Felicia.

Yours sincerely,
Charlotte - age 14


  1. This was such an interesting post! I really enjoyed reading your letter to David Cameron and I agree with everything you said! X


  2. Loved this post, Charlotte! These kinds of posts are so, so interesting. I've actually never heard of David Cameron until now. I love your ideas on education. Looking forward to your next post, Charlotte!

    1. Thank you so much Guilianna! Oh, haha x Thank you again xxx

  3. I loved this post and I agree with everything you said! :)

  4. Yes Charlotte! Completely agree with everything you said, I feel like teenagers are never taken seriously which is awful xx

    1. Thank you Laura! Its so annoying, right? Xxx

  5. I agree with everything.. This was an amazing post, congrats! I've just followed your blog, hope that you check mine.. x.
    Mia |