Thursday, 14 April 2016

Spring Music Playlist 2016 // Collab

How have you been? I'd wanna know.
So, yes, as you may have read in the title, this post is a collab with Jenny from Jenny Louise. And today, my beautiful people, we are going to share the songs we will be listening to this season, with you! I will try not to go into too much detail, but I will explain why I like it.

1. Riptide ~ Vance Joy // I love this song so much! I think its quite 'old' now but I only found it recently. Definitely go and have a listen if you haven't already

2. Dangerous Woman ~ Ariana Grande // I think everyone has a least heard of the song. I adore it! Ariana's voice is incredible!

3. I Found A Girl ~ The Vamps feat. OMI // Once again, a song I'm pretty sure most people have heard of. Its so catchy! Even my mum likes it, that's saying something!

4. Drive ~ Oh Wonder // I found this amazing song through Dodie Clark's incredible cover of it (which you should definitely watch). I love it, I just love it.

5. Fire Meet Gasoline ~ Sia // I might be a bit late to this party too, ah well! I heard this amazing song when someone performed it at my school's Spring Celebration a few weeks ago, and I adore it. Sia's (and the person who did it at school's) voice are incredible.

6. Black Magic ~ Little Mix // There will never be a day when this song will not be in my playlist. I love it! I will love it forever. 'Nuff said.

7. On Top Of The World ~ Imagine Dragons // Once again, late to this party! I found this song through Dodie Clark's 'Dovan Flat Party' playlist, on Spotify (I think it was that one) and, yet again, I love it.

8. Chocolate ~ The 1975 // I think I found this in the same place as the one above, and, guess what....... I LOVE THIS ONE TOO!

9. When We Were Young ~ Adele // Bloody love Adele, I mean, who doesn't? As well as her I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E voice, the song and the lyrics are just 100%.

10. Who You Are ~ Jessie J // Seriously! Where do my invitations go?!?! Does the postman just forget about them?! Honestly, I'm late to yet another party! I found this through a Spotify playlist, and fell in love with it! Listen to it, you won't be disappointed.

11. Over and Over Again ~ Nathan Sykes feat. Ariana Grande // Aaarrggghhhhh! I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! Its so beautiful.

12. Please Don't Go ~ Joel Adams // I think basically anyone who watches YouTube will have seen the music video for this, as it has been an advert before videos pop up. And I love this song too, surprise, surprise!

I hope you liked this post and I'd love to write more like this! I think what we've learned from this is:
A) I need to learn some more adjectives
B) I need to listen to music when it comes out
C) I need to ask my postman where all my invitations are!

Please be sure to check out Jenny's post and Let me know what songs are on your playlist this Spring in the comments below!

Parle bientot,
Charlotte <3


  1. I love so many of these songs, especially I Found A Girl, I love The Vamps! I will go and check out the ones I don't know such as Please Don't Go now!x

    Erin // Everything Erin

  2. Anything by 5sos is on my playlist! I am ever so slightly obsessed xx

    1. Haha! Similar with me and Little Mix! <3