Saturday, 23 April 2016

The Happiness Tag

Recently, I've been feeling a bit down *understatement* so today, as I didn't manage to get the post done I was going to do, I thought I'd do this tag I saw on White Interiors and Blossom of Hope, as I thought it might make me feel a bit happier, and you can maybe learn a little more about me!

I think the idea of this tag is list a few topics and then explain them with a few examples. Soooo, let us begin!


- Britain's Got Talent *I'm watching it whilst writing this!*

- The Fault In Our Stars ~ classic

- Pitch Perfect (1 & 2) ~ they just make me laugh, a lot.

 - Miranda ~ bloomin' love Miranda. A lot. I am very sad that her show isn't on TV anymore, but I have seasons 1-3 on DVD, so all hope is not lost!


- Little Mix ~ in general

- Sia ~ I've been really liking her music at the minute, I especially like 'Fire Meet Gasoline', 'Cheap Thrills', 'Elastic Heart', 'Reaper' and 'Alive'.

- Shawn Mendes ~ Love him, a lot. I think my favourite song of his 'Something Big'


You probably know that I am a MASSIVE YouTube fan and this area of the internet is where I tend to go when I'm not feeling great. So I thought I'd share some of my favourite vloggers and videos with you.

- Dan and Phil ~ I mean, they're my favourites. They recently uploaded videos with Louise (SprinkleofGlitter) and I they both really made me happy and forget all the rubbish that's been going on in my head at the minute. The videos are Our Awkward Fancy Meal (Dan and Louise) and Not Worth Watching (Louise, Dan and Phil), and I promise you that the Not Worth Watching, IS worth watching.

- Amanda's Chronicles ~ if you've seen the GIF on Instagram of someone calling a church about gay rights, that's her. If you've seen the GIF of a girl coming out in New York and someone saying 'Me too, wanna date?', yeah that's her too. She's just so funny.

- Liza Koshy ~ she will never not be funny to me.

- Dodie Clark ~ I didn't know whether to put her under here or music, but I like all her videos, so I decided on this one. DEFINITELY check her out, she is incredible.


- Baking ~ (cakes, biscuits, basically the scent of ANY baked good)

- Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush ~ I know this might sound a bit weird, but I actually like the smell of this. I like it because when I was little, I used to go for 'sleepovers' at my Grandma and Grandad's house, and in the morning, my Grandma would put on a perfume (on herself and a little bit on me) and it smells like that. Ah, nostalgia.


- My Imagination ~ I spent a lot of my time in a daydream. It makes me happy, for some obscure reason. I might talk about it more in the future.

- Tea ~ stereotypical Brit, yep, C'EST MOI! If anyone knows where I can get a very pretty/cute and big-ass mug, lemme know.

- Baking ~ ...... I mean, 'Nuff said.

- Blogging and All That Comes With It ~ I love this so much, I feel as though this is like my little 'planet', if you will, where I can be myself and I've gotten to talk to so many lovely people through it.

- Just having a  sit down ~ I don't get to do this very often, but its nice to just sit, and not have to worry about homework, school work or if you've packed your backpack correctly. I do get quite stressed fairly often, so when I can, I like to just sit, close my eyes and just not think. I wish I had more time to do this.

- Lipstick ~ I mean, about 3/5 of my make up collection is lip products. The ones in the photo are my favourites! I just like wearing them and buying them and taking photos of them and I just like them a lot.

So I hope you liked that post! LEAVE SOMETHING THAT MAKES YOU HAPPY IN THE COMMENTS! I might do another post similar to this in the future, as I quite liked writing this one. I tag anyone who would like to do this!
So that's it from me for now,

Parle bientot,
Charlotte <3

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Blogger Problems // Guest Post

Hiya darlings, I'm Sara from over at, and I am really excited to be writing today's post for the lovely Charlotte! Today I thought I'd post a fun, airy post about some of the #firstworld blogger problems that I'm pretty sure you'll all be able to relate to. Let me know what your thoughts are, and if I've missed any out please feel free to add them in the comments section!
Hiya darlings. Today I thought I'd post a fun, airy post about some of the #firstworld blogger problems that I'm pretty sure you'll all be able to relate to. Let me know what your thoughts are, and if I've missed any out please feel free to add them in the comments section!

1. When it's always TOO DARK TO TAKE PICTURES

2. And when the lighting is perfect, you rush to grab your camera, and there's no battery left...

3. So you look for a stock photo for your next post, but end up getting to carried away, and download/purchase a mini haul of them

4. And you realise you have like no storage left

5. So you go out to town for one thing and end up spending £70 because you need new props anyway, and there was a 'sale'

6. But then you have to try and justify it to a non-blogger and they don't understand why you're buying 'props' for your flatlays

7. And all your friends seem to assume that your blog is some kind of secret diary for everyone to read

8. So you try and make some blogger friends, but they all seem to be based on the other side of the country- or world

9. When your computer crashes- just after you've finished writing out a super long post

10. So you go onto instagram, and have instant envy of every blogger you follow because they have the brand new 'it' book

11. And you realise that you hardly ever get sent anything compared to the bloggers you read

12. Then you start criticising your blog so much you wonder if your blog is even worth running

13. So you write a post about blogger blues for the 20425247025th time

14. And get like no comments, because everyone's heard it before- if not from you, then from someone else going through the exact same thing

15. So you stay up all night googling how to maximise views and comments for your next post, and so the cycle continues. 
I hope you enjoyed this guest post by the lovely Sara from Her Electric Ocean! be sure to check out her blog with that link and leave one of your biggest blogger problems below! Also, can we just take a moment Sara's amazing photography and the fact that they are the best photos that have even been on this blog and that will most likely ever be.
Parle bientot,
Charlotte <3

Saturday, 16 April 2016

What I Got For My Birthday ~ 2016

If you follow me on Instagram (@vieaveccharlotte) you may know that it was my birthday last week! So today, I thought it might be fun to share some of the gifts I received with you.


// DISCLAIMER // I'm not trying to brag in any way, I know I am incredibly lucky and I am so grateful for everything I was gifted. I  just thought this would be a fun post to write, as I love looking at these sorts of things when I'm looking for gifts for my friends or when people ask what I'd like for my birthday/Christmas.

From my Grandma and Grandad, I was given some White Converse High Tops! Very excited! If you read my, Spring Fashion Wish list 2016, you will know that I said I really wanted some and I'm so happy I got them! And, lets be honest, they will probably be featured a lot on here and on my Instagram for a considerable amount of the future!


From my parents, I got a few little presents. I got two YouTube books which I'm so excited to read. And, once again, I'm very very late to the party! I received 'All I Know Now' By Carrie Fletcher and 'A Work In Progress' by Connor Franta.

Also, I got 2 CDs. Yep! I'm still living in 2008 apparently! I did ask for them, as I like having the CDs of my favourite artists, even though I mot likely already have their album(s) on my phone. As you may know (from my GRWM ~ Little Mix Get Weird Tour and Day In The Life ~ Get Weird Tour ) I do like Little Mix, a lot, so I asked for the deluxe version of 'Get Weird' as it has more songs on than the normal version and I adore Little Mix! You may also know I like Shawn Mendes a lot too, so I asked for his deluxe version of Handwritten as well!
And yes, still living in 2008, I got a DVD. Yep, a D-V-D! The DVD I was given is of one of my favourite films from when I was younger, 'The Parent Trap' (the one with Lindsay Lohan in) and I was really happy I got this as I haven't seen it in a really long time and it will bring back childhood memories, ah, nostalgia.

Being a beauty blogger, *that's a bold claim on my part* I have 'accumulated' *okay, bought* more make up and I needed somewhere to store it all. All over Instagram, I see people with these acrylic make up organisers and I thought they were really good, so I asked for one for my birthday, and my parents got me one, which I am so grateful for. This is one from Amazon, if you type in acrylic make up 4 drawers, it should come up. The only 'bad' thing about this is that some of my eye shadow pallets don't fit in it, so I might have to find an alternative place for those.

Also from my parents, I was given a scratch map, which is a big map that you can scratch off all the countries you've been. I might do more on this later as I plan on keeping this and uing it far into adulthood.
My friends know me very well. Very well indeed. From my lovely friend, I was given a set of 4 candles! Yes 4 candles *if you don't get that Two Ronnie's reference, I'm not sure we can be friends....... joking*. In it there is a little cup/holder/thing and when I unwrapped it at school, she said to me "I got you this one so your mum will let you light them in your room" or something along those lines anyway. She knows me well. As well as those, she gave me an adorable little coin purse, which is a lovely pale pink colour with gold writing.

From my lovely friend, I was given The Comforter from Lush, which is something I've been wanting to try for ages, and I have to say, it smells incredible! I had it in my bag for about 2 hours at school and every time I opened my bag, I got a lovely whiff of Lush, so thank you so much! And from another friend of mine, I was given two things from Lush. This is quite a funny story *I hope she doesn't mind me telling you*, but I got the Unicorn Horn and Think Pink. You may be thinking that Unicorn Horn is only available around Valentine's Day (which was 2 months ago) and you are correct! My friend thought my birthday was February 22nd, so she bought my present in January. Its quite funny *at least it is to us* because she doesn't know why she thought that and doesn't know who's birthday it is on February 22nd. Nevertheless, I am so happy and I think she noticed that when I took it out of the [beautiful] gift bag, and my face basically lit up.


From another wonderful friend of mine, I was given a Ted Baker body wash and a Ted Baker body lotion. I really like the scent of these, I'm not sure what it is. It's like the Ted Baker scent from about 2 collections ago? *That won't make sense to anyone but me*, but this is my favourite scent of all the 'collections', so I am incredibly grateful!
I also got a lovely notebook from another friend and a share bag of Milky Bar buttons from my friend Katie, which I ate as soon as I got home. No Shame. I'm very easy to please.
Then from my lovely Auntie and Uncle, I got to go to the Little Mix Concert. I'm not going to tell you about it because I'm sure you've heard enough already. But if you're new, you can find both of my posts about them in the archives on the sidebar. #CheekySpon
And to end this [very long] post, I got some adorable little gifts from my little cousins *who are also adorable*. I was told when I was given them *2 weeks before my birthday, may I add* to look after them until my birthday as they were "big girl presents". I think this is because it was make up. I was given 3 No7 products; a champagne-y coloured lip gloss, a purple-y grey liquid eye shadow thing *not 100% sure how to use it* and a very pretty purple nail polish.
Once again, I am incredibly grateful for every gift, card and birthday message I received. Also, today, I hit 1200 Instagram followers, so thank you so much if you are following me on there and if you'd like to follow me, I'm @vieaveccharlotte
And.... I hit 6000 pageviews on Friday! So, once again, thank you so much for coming and reading things written by little old me. *sends virtual hugs*
 Parle bientot,
Charlotte <3

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Spring Music Playlist 2016 // Collab

How have you been? I'd wanna know.
So, yes, as you may have read in the title, this post is a collab with Jenny from Jenny Louise. And today, my beautiful people, we are going to share the songs we will be listening to this season, with you! I will try not to go into too much detail, but I will explain why I like it.

1. Riptide ~ Vance Joy // I love this song so much! I think its quite 'old' now but I only found it recently. Definitely go and have a listen if you haven't already

2. Dangerous Woman ~ Ariana Grande // I think everyone has a least heard of the song. I adore it! Ariana's voice is incredible!

3. I Found A Girl ~ The Vamps feat. OMI // Once again, a song I'm pretty sure most people have heard of. Its so catchy! Even my mum likes it, that's saying something!

4. Drive ~ Oh Wonder // I found this amazing song through Dodie Clark's incredible cover of it (which you should definitely watch). I love it, I just love it.

5. Fire Meet Gasoline ~ Sia // I might be a bit late to this party too, ah well! I heard this amazing song when someone performed it at my school's Spring Celebration a few weeks ago, and I adore it. Sia's (and the person who did it at school's) voice are incredible.

6. Black Magic ~ Little Mix // There will never be a day when this song will not be in my playlist. I love it! I will love it forever. 'Nuff said.

7. On Top Of The World ~ Imagine Dragons // Once again, late to this party! I found this song through Dodie Clark's 'Dovan Flat Party' playlist, on Spotify (I think it was that one) and, yet again, I love it.

8. Chocolate ~ The 1975 // I think I found this in the same place as the one above, and, guess what....... I LOVE THIS ONE TOO!

9. When We Were Young ~ Adele // Bloody love Adele, I mean, who doesn't? As well as her I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E voice, the song and the lyrics are just 100%.

10. Who You Are ~ Jessie J // Seriously! Where do my invitations go?!?! Does the postman just forget about them?! Honestly, I'm late to yet another party! I found this through a Spotify playlist, and fell in love with it! Listen to it, you won't be disappointed.

11. Over and Over Again ~ Nathan Sykes feat. Ariana Grande // Aaarrggghhhhh! I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! Its so beautiful.

12. Please Don't Go ~ Joel Adams // I think basically anyone who watches YouTube will have seen the music video for this, as it has been an advert before videos pop up. And I love this song too, surprise, surprise!

I hope you liked this post and I'd love to write more like this! I think what we've learned from this is:
A) I need to learn some more adjectives
B) I need to listen to music when it comes out
C) I need to ask my postman where all my invitations are!

Please be sure to check out Jenny's post and Let me know what songs are on your playlist this Spring in the comments below!

Parle bientot,
Charlotte <3

Monday, 11 April 2016

Half Term Photo Diary ~ April 2016 // Collab

Today's post is a collab with my lovely friend Charlotte *yep, that's two Charlottes* from Charlotte Crowder! She is incredibly sweet and her blog is amazing so you should definitely go and check her out!
We decided to do a 'half term photo diary' where we show you all the photos we've taken this half term!

All the following photos I took at Centre Parcs (Elveden Forest), so get ready to see A LOT of trees *because, you know, Elveden Forest*.


I hope you liked this post! Be sure to read Charlotte's post as well! Let me know if you'd like me to do more posts like this in the future!
Parle bientot,
Charlotte <3

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Make Up Bag Essentials ~ Collab w/ TravellingWorldBlog

Today, my lovely people, I am going to share with you my Make Up Bag Essentials. And as you may have read in the title, this post is a collab with the lovely TravellingWorldBlog, so you should definitely go and have a read of her's once you've read mine!

Primer (Maybelline Baby Skin) or Moisturiser
Powder (Rimmel Stay Matte)
Blush (Max Factor Crème Puff Blush)
Highlighter (Revlon Rose Glow)
Simple Eye Shadow Pallet (Maybelline Blushed Nudes)
Lip Balms ~ Thicker, more moisturising (Nivea Raspberry Rose), Flavoured (Maybelline Peach Kiss) and Basic (Baby Lips)
Nude Lipstick (No7 Daydreamer lip crayon)
Pink Lipstick (Maybelline Colour sensational 207)
Brighter Lipstick (No7 Delicate Pink Lip Crayon)
Blush Brush (Real Techniques Blush Brush)
Powder Brush (Real Techniques Buffing Brush)
Eye Shadow Brush (Superdrug own)
Eyebrow Brush, that I use for my eyelashes (Claire's)
Angled Brush (Claire's)
I hope you liked this post, go and check out TravellingWorldBlog's post with the link at the beginning of this post. Leave a make up bag essential of yours in the comments below!
Parle bientot,
Charlotte <3

Friday, 8 April 2016

Day In The Life ~ Little Mix Concert 2016

As you probably know, I went to see Little Mix on the 26th of March and I have already posted a GRWM for the concert, with all my make up and outfit as well as my cousin's! So click here if you'd like to read it.
Today, I want t0 talk you through the journey and all the stuff I did on the day, and maybe the day after the Little Mix concert.

I went to go and see the concert near where some of my family live, which is about 2 hours *if not more* away from me, so in order to get there, I had to go on 2 trains. This might not seem like a big deal to some of you, but I'd never been on a train before, I know, DEPRIVED *joking*.

At the first stop, we had a little 'lay over' for about 20/30 minutes, so we went to Starbucks. Around me, we don't have a Starbucks *I think the closest is about 1 and 1/2 away*, so it was a bit of a treat! I ordered what I usually have, a Caramel Cream Frappucino *without coffee, I'm not a fan of coffee* and a pain au choclat, as I was rushing to get out the house and missed breakfast (bad Charlotte).

Once mum and I arrived at the train station (at the end of our journey), we were met on the platform by my lovely Auntie and little cousins *the youngest ran at me*. It was quite busy when we got there, as it was lunchtime, there were a few other trains in and other people were being picked up. Once we'd left the car park, we decided to go out for lunch.
After lunch, my cousins and I had a little selfie session *what else are you supposed to do in the car?* whilst listening to the Little Mix Get Weird album *obviously* and then a bit of Adele. I'd been in their house for less than 5 minutes when I'd been taken *nae, dragged* up the stairs by the youngest for a 'tour' of their house. I agreed to this, even though I've been before, because the eldest had her room re-decorated *may I say it is beautiful, by the way* and the youngest has had some colour changing LED lights put under her cabin bed-thing. (She nearly blinded me with them, as she didn't warn me about how bright they were, or told me where they were).
After the 'tour', I'd been in the house less than 15 minutes when the ladies had put Mario Kart 8 on, on their Wii, and I was sat in their lounge with a controller in my hands.


6th, not bad..... okay, its pretty bad. I used to really good at Mario Kart! I don't know what's happened!
After a little while, we decided it would be a good idea to start getting ready for thee concert! If you'd like to see what my cousin and I wore and our make up, I have written a GRWM ~ Little Mix Get Weird Tour which you can go and have a read of if you like <3
The youngest of the ladies didn't go to the concert, but she asked me to do her make up, and I couldn't say no to her little face!
We set off a little while later, with some food packed in the car for our tea. And, of course, we listened to Get Weird in the car. Then, while we were in the car, rain came down really quickly for about 40 seconds and we couldn't see anything at all out of any of the windows! I'm not joking! We were on a motorway and nobody could see out of their windows, it was that fast and heavy!
Soon, we arrived at the arena and the concert began! First on was a group called 'JAGMAC' who I thought were really good! Next, was Nathan Sykes and he was incredible as well! Then, Little Mix were on and they were, well, I don't think I know the right words! They performed songs from all of their albums and did a mash up thing, which was amazing!


After the concert, I bought a wristband and a program from their stand, and my cousin got a key ring and a program.
When we finally got back to our car, we were sat in it waiting for about an hour and a half, whilst the multi-storey car park was emptying. We were on level 6, so it took us ages to get out and my little cousin and I fell asleep after about 15 minutes of leaving it. By the time we got back to my Auntie's house, it was about quarter past midnight so we were all very tired.
The Next Day
The next morning, I was awoken by one of the ladies, I can't remember which, I think it was the youngest, not sure. Cousins, can you remember?

I got ready, my mum basically broke their bathroom (sorry, btw), and then I went downstairs for breakfast. We had a sort of speedy breakfast, as we had to get to the train station quickly. The train station we went to is very photogenic.

My mum and I had to get 2 trains, but because the first train was 5 minutes behind, meaning we only had 4 minutes to go under ground to the other side of the station, and we missed the second train! We had to wait for 2 HOURS until the next train! Eventually, we got on the next train and got home.
That's it for this post, I hope you enjoyed reading this! If you'd like me to write more posts like this, let me know!
Parle bientot,
Charlotte <3