Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Top 7 People I'd Invite To Tea ~ Collab

This post is a collab with Bethan from Bepbeee! Her blog is amazing. Her Instagram feed is beautiful (@bepbeee) and you should definitely go and check her out!
So on this fine Tuesday evening, I thought I'd share the top 7 people I'd love to invite to tea! I think I have quite a range of people and this post might help you learn a little more about me!
*Speaking of learning more about me, last week I wrote 25 Facts About Me so you are welcome to have a little read of that, if you like.* Plug, plug, plug, plug, plug...

1) Malala Yousafzai



I love her so much! Malala is very different to the other people I have chosen, but she has a massive impact on me and my life. Lots of people know her and lots of people don't *if you don't, go and look her up*. Her story is extremely inspiring and I have mentioned her and her work in speeches at school.
Malala is a children's and women's rights activist, who has been fighting for education rights for ALL children since she was 11. ELEVEN! When I was 11, I just, .... I can't remember. It was obviously something extremely beneficial.
(It clearly wasn't)

  • Its because of Malala that I became a feminist *and I would be more than happy if you were one as well*
  • Its because of Malala that I know more about the world and the terrible things that happen, that before, I couldn't even begin to imagine
  • Its because of Malala that I now know that being a girl doesn't mean you are weak, or stupid, or here, on Earth, to please others
  • Its because of Malala I have learnt that it is okay to be myself and not pretend to live as someone else to get attention
  • Its because of Malala that I am grateful for my education
  • Its because of Malala that I realise how lucky I am
There are so many other reasons that I love her. If she did come for tea (you have probably forgotten that this is the post title by now, sorry!), I don't know what I'd do. I probably just sit in awe of the inspiring things that she was saying.  

2) Dan and Phil (danisnotonfire and amazingphil)

Okay this is technically 2, but you can't separate them. People have tried and subsequently failed and I will not be the one that the Phandom attempt to kill *I'm not joking*. They are my favourite YouTubers and even though I only started watching in October last year, I think I have watched practically all of their videos. Some people **coughs* Mother, Father* mock me for watching them so much and liking (nae, loving) them so much but may I say, in my defence,
  • I have learnt where the glabella and the weenus are located *take that GCSE Biology*
  • I have learnt that's its okay to be different and not 'normal'
  • I have learnt to appreciate people more
  • I have learnt things will get better (eventually)
  • I have widened my vocabulary (nostalgia, for example)
I'd love to invite them to tea because I find them really influential as they accept people for who the are and not what they are, and taught others to do that as well *damn, this getting deep* and I think it would jut be really fun to talk to them! They have been doing YouTube before I even knew what the internet was! Once again, I'm not joking. Phil's channel is older than 2 of my cousins *that means nothing to you, because you don't know how old they are. Ah well*
(SIDE NOTE : If this ever did happen, by some sort of un-earthly miracle, I would feel guilty if 3 of my friends didn't meet them, seen as they were the ones who introduced their channels to me, so I'd have to invite them as well!)

3) Little Mix

Once again, this isn't 1, but I love them a lot. I must have about 100 songs on my phone and Little Mix are 33 of them! I have loved them since 2011 and I am going to see them at the end of this month! *squeeeee*
They performed at the Brits this year (which I loved btw), they were on Saturday Night Takeaway last week and they are basically No.1 in the charts everywhere!
I thought I'd invite them as them seem like really nice people, their voices are I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E, I could ask them for some singing tips for when I just sit in my bedroom singing to myself and I just love 'em, I'm sorry if that is not a good enough reason ....
4) Russell Howard
I love Russell Howard, he is one of my favourite comedians and never fails to make me laugh! He has his own show on the BBC (Russell Howard's Good News) where, basically, he just takes the mick out of news stories! I have been watching him since I was 10 or 11 (I probably shouldn't have but, ah well) and me and my friend text each other, sometimes, when Good News is on TV, so that the other can watch it!
I'd invite him as he is extremely funny and he would definitely make everyone laugh.
5) Miranda Hart
I love her, my Mum loves her, Great Britain love her. I loved watching her show (Miranda) when it was on TV *silently weeps*, and I think I watched it when I was around 9 or 10, with my mum and dad, apparently 5/6 years too early! Ah well.
I'd love to invite her as she is basically the adult version of me. Much like myself, she sometimes a little awkward (in terms of being the typical British stereotype) and that is something I love about her. I think it would be hilarious to have a chat with her!
6) Ant and Dec
Ah yes, the TWO, the only, Great Britain's National Treasures! I have been watching Ant and Dec FOREVER! Even though I think Byker Grove ended before I was born but I've been watching Saturday Night Takeaway for years! I love their undercover pranks and I'm A Celebrity Get Out of Me Ear! Definitely would love to have a chat with them, maybe they could bring Little Ant and Dec too!
7) My Great Grandad
I don't have a photo/don't really want to put one up of my Grandad but I'd want him to come, if I could have anyone. My Great Grandad died when I was 8 (nearly 9) and I really would like to see him again. He got dementia for a while before he died and I'd like to have a conversation/tea with him now I'm older and I understand that he didn't just forget who I was sometimes and that he was confused. Even though I was only little, I was really upset when he died and I realised what had happened and that I would never see him again.
Because I was only little whilst he was alive, I couldn't/didn't really have a real conversation with him and talk to him properly. *stops writing because I'm getting upset*
Yeah so I hoped you enjoyed this and be sure to and check out Bethan's post! This was a little different to what I usually blog about, but I really enjoyed doing this and I'd like to do more of these types of post in the future. Leave someone you would want to come to tea in the comments!
Parle bientot,
Charlotte <3


  1. I haven't actually watched many of Dan and Phil's videos but I really want to. Malala would have been amazing ;)

    1. You should! Actually.... be careful, you can get sucked in! I think she would be as well!
      Charlotte <3

  2. I think I would invite my internet friends xx

  3. I loved this post! Its so different, I would invite my internet friends and Shawn Mendes and all my family.

    wi xx


    1. Thank you! I was going to add Shawn Mendes! Glad you liked it!
      Charlotte <3