Friday, 11 March 2016

My Blogging Process ~ Collab ~ March 2016

A few days ago it was #InternationalWomensDay and I wrote a special blog post about it, so if you'd be interested in reading it, you can here.

Today though, is a collab with the lovely Charlotte from Charlotte Crowder. This evening, we are going to share how we blog, with you. I hope that makes sense, but if not, we are basically just going to explain the process we go through when we blog. Shall we begin?

1) Pre Plan Dates

This is a more general aspect of the process, as its for multiple posts. When I do this, I decide what days I want to post, then look through my ideas lists and write them in the dates. In the photo above, was my plan for February.
2) Plan Out Post

I have a smaller notebook where I plan out my posts. If I have too many ideas or examples, I will short list it and create a final plan.

3) Write Post

I write out my post first, then I know where I can fit in the photos.
4) Take Photos
Sometimes I take photos before I write the post, but I mostly do it this way round, because I know what I need to take photos of. However, sometimes, I need to find inspiration for my photos so I will usually go on We Heart It or my inspiration folder on my phone.
5) Edit Photos
I think I want to do a 'How I Take and Edit My Photos' post, so I won't go into too much detail. I use the software on my computer and just have a bit of a play around, until I like it. I can then upload them to the draft.
6) Double Check
As the perfectionist I am, I have to check through my post by re-reading and using spellcheck.
7) Publish
Sometimes, I preview it first, just to make sure it looks 'right' but after that, I publish it!
8) 'Publicity'
I don't really know what to call this section, but I think 'publicity' sort of sums it up. I want to do a 'Blogging Checklist' post at some point, so I will go into more detail then. But I usually just put a photo on Instagram, tweet about it and pin it to Pinterest.
So that's it for this post! I hope you enjoyed it and be sure to go and check out Charlotte's post!
Parle bientot,
Charlotte <3
PS : Go and check out my last post as I think its quite an important topic and I'd really appreciate it if you'd like to read it <3



  1. Woah your steps are so similar to mine too heha! I love to go back & just check it first. I loved collating and would love to arrange another one xxx

    1. Haha! Yes we definitely should!

      Charlotte <3

  2. Loved this so much!

    wi xx

  3. Loved this, gonna go have a look at your last post! xx

    1. Thank you! Thank you again, it means so much xx