Friday, 4 March 2016

Belgium Travel Diary ~ #FBF

Seen as its Friday, I thought I would write a post about a flashback to when I went to Belgium in May last year. I have seen these sorts of 'travel diary' style posts floating around the world wide web, so I thought I would do one!
Unfortunately, I haven't been anywhere very exciting recently so I am going to tell you about when I visited Belgium last Spring.
My parents, my sibling and I went on holiday last year and it was the first time I'd ever been abroad! I know, the shock, the horror! We went to three different places on this trip (it was supposed to be four, but there was a little problem, so we couldn't go). The other places were Copenhagen in Denmark and Oslo in Norway, but I wanted to talk to you about Belgium seen as I remember it the best and it was the first foreign country I'd ever set foot in!

We arrived in Zebrugge and then got on a coach with about 45/50 other people. There were multiple trips available and this one was one of the most popular, you will understand why later! So after about an hour, we arrived in Gent! *The people of Belgium spell it 'Ghent'* Gent is a beautiful part of Belgium and I definitely want to go back there at some point!

The weather was incredible that day! Considering it was at the back end of May, it was boiling and the sun was almost blinding! According to our tour guide, this was incredibly unusual for that area of Belgium. I can't remember our tour guide's name but she said, "You may make mistakes with my name, and I may make mistakes in my English". She told us that we had gone on the day that the Gent city football team had won a match meaning they were in the national final or something * football is not my strong point* so they were having a huge street party that evening. She told us all this when we were stood on 'The Bridge of Saint of Michael' *I think that is what its called, correct me if I'm wrong*. The buildings to the right were a post office and a bank at one point, but they are not used anymore as everything has moved online.

Obviously, not being a blogger then, I didn't even think about taking photographs of the little shops, market stalls or the CHOCOLATE FACTORY! Yes. A CHOCOLATE FACTORY. I use the word 'factory' loosely, as it was a small shop and the factory part was beneath the street, underground. Somehow, about 25 managed to squeeze into this little factory and learn how to make chocolate, with all the fancy flavours and patterns! Unfortunately, I ate the chocolate I bought, so I can't show you any of it, you will just have to take my word for how delicious it was! 

I think, seen as this is already pretty long, I will just share some of the photos I did take of the beautiful city/town *I'm not really sure* of Gent!


When we were allowed to have a little wander around, my family and I went into this little gift shop. Once again, I didn't even think about taking photos of this adorable little shop. It was full of tables and cabinets filled, almost to the brim, of handmade lace badges, key rings and keepsakes. Hanging from the ceilings were huge lace cloths and decorated fabrics, the till was surrounded by swivel stands of key rings and gifts. I bought 2 key rings and a little lace butterfly badge.

Yeah, so that's it! I did like doing this post and I would like to more in the future when I have been to more places and taken more photos!
Leave the best place you have ever been in the comments below!

Parle Bientot,
Charlotte <3


  1. The best place I have ever been to is probably Spain, I would love to see more of these posts xx

    1. I've never been to Spain! I need to go one day! Thank you <3