Sunday, 13 March 2016

A - Z of Me


On this fine *ish* Sunday evening, I thought it would be a nice idea to share some more random stuff about myself with you beautiful people <3
So that's what I'm going to do. I've seen this floating around the blogging *and YouTube* world, also in 'The Amazing Book is Not On Fire', Dan and Phil did this, and I thought it'd would be fun to write, as well as an interesting way for you to learn a little more about me!
I haven't explain what I'm doing yet *well done Charlotte*. Basically I give you a word to describe myself for every single letter of the alphabet *I struggled to spell 'alphabet' then. Wow*.  Shall we get started?

~ Aries ~

My star sign

~ Baking ~

I have loved baking ever since I was little. I love to do it with my Auntie and my Mum.
This is one of the few things I aspire to in life!
(Not my photo)
~ Cake ~

Read the above point.

~ Dancing ~

I’ve been dancing since I was 2 and a half and I am constantly making up routines to songs in my head or in my bedroom *mainly in my head*

~ Eyes ~

Ever since I was a tiny *okay, no that tiny* baby, random people that I don’t know (my family knows them, they’re not just random strangers) always tell me that they are pretty. My eyes are blue by the way.

~ Fashion ~

I’ve always loved fashion and I’ve been designing dresses and outfits ever since I was 5 or 6. I am constantly thinking of ways I could style outfits.

~ Giraffes ~

They are cute, aren’t they? If someone was to ask me what my favourite animal is, other than the typical answers, I’d probably say giraffes. I think they are so cute that I have 2 giraffe teddies in my bedroom right now, and I don’t care.

~ Hufflepuff ~

My Harry Potter house. Yep, I did the quiz.

~ Instagram ~

My favourite of all the social media platforms – follow me @vieaveccharlotte
~ July 28th ~

The day I started my blog

~ Ketchup ~

I love it. I mean, I couldn’t drink it, but I do have it with a lot of things. Not like cereal or anything, like fish & chips, pie, burgers, that sort of thing. Now I sound weird, I’m just going to move on.

~ Little Mix ~

I adore Little Mix and I have since they were on the X Factor! If you have been reading my blog for a while, you will know that I’m going to their concert at the end of this month! *Squeeeee!*

~ Music ~

I love music and I started getting in to it when I was 9 or 10 and I listen to it every day. I always have my phone and my earphones with me and I have started to love long journeys because of it. I can just sit and listen to it and completely ignore everything *and sometimes, everyone* around me. Which is a good thing if you a mildly anti-social teenager like myself.

~ Necklaces ~

My favourite type of jewellery.

~ Observant ~

I notice *and understand* a lot and I don’t think most people realise it. My English teacher *wow, this is 2 mentions in my last 3 posts* was talking to my class and she told us how it was a good and a bad thing that we are all cynical and world-weary. I think this is because I have seen and heard a lot of things that most people wouldn’t have expected me to notice. I sound like some sort of spy!

~ Pantomime ~

I have been in my local panto since I was 7, surprisingly for me, it has become a big part of my life and I think it helped me to become more confident.

~ Quiet ~

Most people that know me will be like “Charlotte, quiet? Pffftttt, no” and they’re right, sort of. It depends, sometimes I can be so quiet that might forget about me, whereas sometimes, I’m so loud, that you would be able to find me in the middle of 60 people.

~ Regrets ~

I know its probably an odd thing for a person my age to think about, but I don’t want to get old and/or die regretting the decisions I made. And for this reason, I have started a bucket list on Pinterest, which I plan out writing out properly soon.

~ Sewing ~

I started to love sewing in year 7, when I started secondary school and I am taking GCSE Textiles at the minute. The thing I am proudest of making is either the quilting I have made this year with my class or the apron and oven gloves set I made my Granma for her birthday. *I did spell ‘Granma’ correctly, that’s just how she spells it*

~ Tea ~

Stereotypical British person. I love tea. A whole amount.

~ Unorganised ~

Once again, everyone who knows me is probably like, “Charlotte, unorganised? Pffffttttt, no”. When it comes to things that other people are relying on or its something I want to do, then I probably pre-planned about 2 moths before. However, if its something I don’t want to do and its something that doesn’t affect other people, then it’ll probably be very badly though out. Sorry.

~ Vaccinated ~

You probably don’t give a monkeys about this, but it’s the only thing I could think of for V. Yeah so last Thursday, I got my Tetanus and *whats it called?* the other one injections. Yeah, so both my arms still hurt and I have a tiny hole in each arm. But at least I’m not going to get Tetanus or Meningitis anytime soon!

~We Heart It ~

This is where I get most of my photo inspiration from as this site and app is FULL to the brim of images. If you wanted to check out my canvas and/or follow me on it, there is a widget in the sidebar that can take you right there!

~ X ~

I’m not even going to try.

~ YouTube ~

This is where I spend approximately 60% of my life. Not joking.

~ Zoella/Zoe Sugg ~

The first person I ever subscribed to on YouTube. I think it was around 2013, not 100% sure.

I tag anyone who'd like to do this! I really enjoyed writing this, even though it took a while!

Parle bientot,
Charlotte <3


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  2. These posts are so interesting to read, I loved this one too xx