Thursday, 18 February 2016

My Skincare Routine ~ Feb 2016

Spring is coming around fast *ish* this year and I have decided I want to try and look after my skin a little better. Today I would like to share my 'Skincare Routine' with you. You may have noticed that 'Skincare Routine' is in apostrophes, that is because it isn't really a routine. I don't do this on a regular basis, only if I have time or if I want to. Nevertheless, I wanted to share this with you and that's what I'm going to do!

I have the same products/routine for both morning and evening, but I'll explain it in a bit more detail later <3
I like using this product in the morning, before make up, because it cleanses my skin and makes sure all the stuff I don't want on my face, isn't on my face.
I also like using in the evening/when I take my of my make up, as it is quick and easy to use.

E45 Cream (moisturiser)
Nothing special really, but it is good for my skin. When my face, my forehead especially, gets dry, I just add a little of this and I'm good to go! I think you can get this in most drugstores, chemists *pharmacies* and some supermarkets.

I think I use this wrong as on the packet it  says to apply under eyes in circular motions *or something like that anyway*, but I do a couple of swipes under each eye, around the outer corner and a little on my lids. I then use my finger to help it soak in. I especially like this as it brightens up under eyes and makes them look smoother. 5/5 from me!

I LOVE this a lot. I usually apply it before I even start on anything else, as it is quite thick and I like to give it time to 'sink in'. I love this because A) it tastes amazing B) the smell reminds me of something from my childhood, but I can't think what C) it is very moisturising and leaves your lips with a very nice 'texture' *well that sounded odd*.
I don't really think this counts as 'skincare', but I put it on my face so...
I like to think this is like another layer before I put on make up to 'protect' my skin, I don't think it actually does this, but I can dream. Can't I? Like I was saying, I apply this before make up and sometimes even if I'm not wearing any make up, as it evens out pores on your face.
I hope you liked this post! Leave your must-have skincare product below in the comments, I might have some to try out!
Parle bientot,
Charlotte <3


  1. I really loved the photos on the post, they remind me of spring so much. I really like the Simple products! xx

    1. Thank you! I can't wait for Spring, I love Simple as well xx