Saturday, 13 February 2016

Avant Garde Spring/Summer Outfit Idea

So today I thought I would try something a little different and I would put together a complete outfit with items from . I am going to try and put together an outfit which you may or may not like, but I'm going to try and make it a bit 'Avant Garde' with a few other styles thrown in the mix. My aim is to try and make this 'Avant Garde', but I think it is a quite adventurous style and I would like to try and make this a wearable, daytime outfit that you could dress up or down. So I think most of the accessories will be more audacious and bold, to fit with the 'Avant Garde' theme, and the actual clothes may be a little more basic and simple. But I do love adding and layering extravagant pieces to 'jazz-up' an outfit!
A lot of the items in this post are rather more on the pricier side, but I think that if you wanted to recreate this look (if you do, post it on Instagram and tag me!), you could definitely find alternatives that may fit your budget a little more.
Also, Avant Garde is quite a 'retro' look *I don't know if that's the correct word, but if you google 'Avant Garde', you will get what I mean*, so I am going to try and make it a bit more 'modern', so that the outfit could be worn during the day.
That was a lot of rambling, shall we begin?

If you wanted a jacket/cardigan, I would chose a pale brown chunky knit over-sized cardigan, just to finish it off.

I absolutely LOVE this top. I think it would go really well with the bottoms I have chosen as it is a crop top, but its not a crop top, because its a bit longer. I like how its a bit floaty and the little cut-out section at the back, as it isn't too high.

I LOVE Boyfriend-style jeans and I would wear these rolled up maybe once or twice, so that they sit about an inch above the ankles. I like how these can be worn dressed up or down and that they are sort of 'edgy' and very cute.
I absolutely adore these shoes, and that's quite an odd thing, as I'm not really a 'heels' kind of girl, but I'd make an exception for these! I love how they are very simplistic, but very cute. I think these would match the clothes as, like them, these are very simple but chic *I need to look up my fashion terminology*. Another thing I love about these are that you could wear them during the day and at night, perfect for all occasions!

I absolutely LOVE these. I think they are so cute and I love the framing around the lenses. I especially like how the outer corners of the frames sort of stick out a bit as I think it gives a little more to them. I also like how the frame doesn't continue all the way around the lenses, as I think it gives a sort of retro/vintage aspect, but they are also modern and quite popular at the moment.
I think when you are choosing sunglasses *or glasses in general* it is important to chose something that will fit the shape of your face. But if you like them, get them! I think when buying clothes/accessories its important for you to choose something you like and feel happy in. If you'd like a more detailed idea,
This necklace is very extravagant and, in my opinion, very 'Avant Garde' as it is bold, striking and adventurous, yet some-what simple. This necklace is very prominent and something I'd style for a more formal, evening look.
I wanted to give you another necklace option, just in case you wanted something a little simpler. I think this is a nice accessory as it *fits with my 'colour scheme'* is bold and classy.

I really like this cuff as it is quite a statement piece. I think it fits the 'Avant Garde' theme as it is noticeable, simply coloured and detailed.

I think these are very cute and they are not too big that they would get in the way/be distracting if you were to wear them t work, for example. I also love the goldy/rose goldy colour as I think it fits the 'Avant Garde' theme well.
This ring is a very bold, statement piece and I think it fits my 'colour theme' quite nicely. I think it brings out the Avant Garde style as there are different sizes and shapes of the circles.
I hope you enjoyed this post and if you would like for me to do this type of post again let me know!
Parle Bientot,
Charlotte <3

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