Thursday, 14 January 2016


So today I thought I would talk to you about stress. I'm not saying I'm some sort of lifestyle guru, but I'd like to think I know a little bit. In the lower years of secondary school, stress practically took over my life. This is because I had a lot of stuff to do and I didn't know how to manage my life well. Also, when I got stressed I didn't really tell anybody, meaning I was keeping it all to myself, no one could help me, and it all just bottled up.
I only really started thinking about this today.

t the start of the school year, we got a new form tutor who asked us to write some things about ourselves. I can't remember what I put, but I know I mentioned how easily I get stressed. Today my form tutor asked to speak to a few of us individually, and I had no idea why he wanted to speak to me, but it was about my little statement from September. He wanted to know if I was stressing at the moment (my exams started today, so I should probably be revising right now. Oh well), and I said no.
I surprised myself, but then I realised I haven't. Not as much as previous years anyway. He asked why, I thought about it and answered "I found things that I enjoy doing, to help me calm down". Which is true. Before this new year, my life has been pretty much school/work orientated, and that's really bad. I'm not saying school isn't important, but it shouldn't rule over you. One thing that is repeated constantly in school is "if you don't get good grades, you won't get a good job", this may be true, but it also sets a lot of stress and pressure on students. Teachers say to "strive for greatness" but I think its equally important to "strive for happiness". After all, you can't be great without being happy. And I think that's a big thing people forget.
I mentioned earlier about finding things to do that make me happy and feel relaxed. One thing is music. I went to YouTube and created some playlists, the one is listen to most is 'Music'. I added all sorts of music, I found that, by adding a wide variety of songs I liked, I feel more relaxed, when I listen to it. My playlist includes:
  • Shawn Mendes (Stitches, Never Be Alone, Believe, Something Big, Life of the Party and Show You)
  • Little Mix (Clued Up, Grown, Secret Love Song and Lightning)
  • Disney - I still believe some Disney songs have more meaning behind them than some of the music around now (Lemonade Mouth - Determinate, Breakthrough, Turn Up the Music and Somebody - Descendants - Set It Off, If Only)
  • Random - Perfect (One Direction), Photograph (Ed Sheeran), United States of Pop 2014 Mash Up (DJ Earworm)
Another thing I love to do is blogging. Sometimes this can be stressful on its own, but I made my blog to give myself a little 'get-away' from everything. An aspect of blogging I love is the social media, especially Instagram. I love finding new accounts to follow as they give me inspiration for my feed and blog.
Most importantly, I wanted to tell you that
Its true. When I stress, it usually involves a few tears, a drop in my self esteem and my life to seem pointless. Sometimes, I try and get over stressing by having a IDGAM (I don't give a monkeys) attitude, this includes me just thinking "In the end, it won't matter". And sometimes, that's the best way to calm down.

I have written a post about stress before (open here), where I give some tips and ideas of things you can do to de-stress. I hope you found this helpful!
Also, I made a tumblr (username on the sidebar) and I'm still trying to work out how to use it. Bare with me!
Parle bientot,
Charlotte <3

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