Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Revision Tips - January 2016

Christmas has ended, New Years' is over, that's right people. Its exam season. Dun dun duuunnnn. My exams start on the 13th and I am really sorry if the next few posts are kind of basic and the photos are rubbish, but I don't have a lot of time on my hands. Please bare with.
Nevertheless, I thought I would share some of my tips for successful revision.

  1. Go Somewhere Quiet - You will be able to concentrate better and your brain will be more focused on revising, not background noise.
  2. Sit Somewhere Comfy - But not to comfy so that you fall asleep! This means your more relaxed and your brain won't wander off thinking about how uncomfortable you are.
  3. Make a Plan of When You are Going to Revise - first put all your other commitments and see what time you have left for revision and add slots for different subjects. Decided when you are going to revise what so that you are getting enough revision time in. I have used a website called 'Get Revising', which is a website where you can create a timetable which lets you add in your exams, other commitments and school, then gives you slots of when you can revise each subject.
  4. Use Colour - Your brain will be more interested and focused if your notes are more appealing.
  5. Take Breaks - I usually do about 15-30 minutes of revision of one subject, then have a 10-15 minute break (depending on how much revision I just did). This gives you a little 'breather' and means you can come back more focused and relaxed. I usually check my social media, go downstairs and get a drink or a snack or go and talk to someone.
  6. No Distractions - By putting away your phone and your laptop *or whatever electrical devices you have*, you won't be tempted to use them when you are revising. This doesn't just include your electronics. Siblings and other family members can be quite distracting as well. So go somewhere out of the way, where its quite and 'private'.
  7. If You Don't Understand, Ask Someone! - If there is something on the revision list I don' understand, I usually ask my teacher or my friends. Its better to ask and understand, than to be confused and fail.
  8. A Study Buddy - Kind of goes against number 6, but having someone to help you revise or having someone to revise with is sometimes better for some people. You could do little tests for each other, quick fire questions (if your just sat revising, quickly ask them a question to do with your test and see if they know it, if they don't, that's what they need to revise), or you could do test recalls.
  9. Get Lots of Sleep - Sleep is essential. It helps your brain refresh and be ready to start revising and able to take in all your information.
  10. Be Organised and Use Your Time Wisely - Make a little timetable of when you are going to revise, when the exam is and also add your other commitments so you can work around them. This also means using your time wisely. Don't waste time and not revise, it won't work out very well in the long run.
  11. Keep All Your Notes Together - I use a folder to keep all of my notes together, with little page dividers for each subject, with the revision list of the front. This means all your revision is in one place and you can take to school or where ever you would want to take it, with you.
I hope you found these helpful and if you have and other ideas for me, leave them in the comment!
Parle bientot,
Charlotte <3

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