Friday, 1 January 2016

My Goals for 2016

Happy New Year! I hope you like my little 're-design' of my blog! New Year, new look! I was just trying to change it back, as it was Christmassy last month, and I got a bit carried away. I have added some of my most popular blog posts to the sidebar and updated my 'About Me' page. Yesterday I posted my New Years' Resolutions for 2016. So if you haven't read those yet, go and check them out after you've read this!
To kick off 2016, I thought I'd share my Goals for 2016! They are in the picture below, but I have explained them in a bit more detail below.
My 2016 Goals ft. TABINOF
  1. Hit 1200 Instagram Followers - At the time of me writing this, I have 813, 803 of those we got between July 28th and New Year's Eve. So that's 387 by December 31st 2016. If your not following me already, I'm @vieaveccharlotte.
  2. Hit 120 Twitter Followers - I currently have 68 twitter followers, that's 52 until 120. It may seem a little steep, but I think we could do it! I'm @vieavecchar.
  3. Get 50 Followers on Bloglovin' - I have 7 at the minute, and I've had 7 for a while. This is quite a big goal, ah well! You can click the button on the sidebar to follow me if you want to!
  4. Reach 3000 Total Page Views - At the minute I have had 1667 page views, since I started at the end of July. Once again, seems a bit steep, but a girl needs to dream big doesn't she? 
  5. Make Some Blogger/Internet Friends - This was one of my New Years' Resolutions and I'd think it'd be quite fun. So if anyone reading is a blogger and would like to maybe do a collab post, look at Contact tab at the top of my blog!
  6. Stay Positive - This will be very difficult, but I've got to try! Last year, I was feeling a bit negative, so this year I am going to try and think positively. Last year, some people made me a teeny weeny bit upset, but this year I will not be fazed by anybody or anything. *She says doubting herself already*.
  7. Be Kind to Everyone - Like number 6, it will be difficult. But I'm going to try!
  8. Write At Least 100 Blog Posts - That's 8 and a bit every month! I do have a few ideas written in my notebook. If you have any ideas for me leave them in the comments, Instagram or tweet me!
  9. Take Better Photos for My Blog and Instagram - I have been taking my photos on my phone and then uploading them. I want to use my actual camera more (I can now as I got an SD card reader for Christmas) as it takes better photos. I also need to take my photos before they need to go up, I end up taking them when its dark, so I need my bedroom light on, then there's a shadow! Aarrgghhh! That's one thing I don't like about Winter.
I hope you liked this post! I might do little updates in the year to see how I'm getting on and I will definitely do a review at the end of the year.
Bonne Annee,
Charlotte <3

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