Monday, 18 January 2016

My Baby Lips Collection and Swatches

I haven't done a beauty post in AGES so today I thought I would show you my collection of Maybelline Baby Lips and do swatches of each of them. In the UK, you can buy Baby Lips at Superdrug (in store and online), Boots (in store and online) and I think you can get them on

Original Collection
This is the original collection of Baby Lips. There are 2 others (3 if you are in the US), but they are very pigmented, so I'm still debating on whether or not I want them.

L-R : Minty Fresh (Peppermint), Hydrate (Quenched), Intense Care, Peach Kiss

L-R : Peach Kiss , The others are clear so there is no colour left, but they leave a nice sheen.
Winter Delight
These were special edition ones and I'm not sure if you can get them.
L - R : Hot Cocoa (yes, it tastes like hot chocolate), Sweet Apple, Sugar Cookie

L - R : Sweet Apple, Sugar Cookie, Hot Cocoa
Vitamins Collection
I think this is their name. There are only 2 in this collection and as they are sheer colours, I have drawn around the swatches so that you can see them clearer.
L - R : Peach Punch, Melon Mania

L - R : Melon Mania, Peach Punch

Dr. Rescue
These are good for dry lips and they come in a 4 different colours, but I only have one. I haven't swatched this one as it is very similar to Melon Mania and is very sheer. This is the first Baby Lips I ever bought and I still love it!

I hope you liked this post, I thought it would be a quick little post and a round up of my collection as I mention a lot on here and they are in a lot of my Instagram photos.
Parle Bientot,
Charlotte <3


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