Friday, 11 December 2015

Winter / Christmas Essentials 2015


Welcome to day 11 of #blogmas2015!
I am really sorry that this week's blog posts have been a bit rubbish, but they will get better as it is getting nearer to Christmas (plus its the weekend now so I can sort everything out).
Anyhow, today I am sharing with you some of my Winter/Christmas essentials.

1) A Good Supply of Lip Balm
Is it just me or do your lips get really dry and sore in winter? Mine do so I always carry around a lip balm of some sort. At school I have been using my Baby Lips Intense Care balm because it is clear and we aren't allowed make up. At night I like to use my Nivea Lip Butter in Raspberry Rose, I use it at night as it is a thicker consistency, but I still love it. Then to add a bit of colour, I like using my Baby Lips Winter Delight Sweet Apple lip balm, as it has a bit of a red tint.

2) A Christmas Jumper
I have two Christmas jumpers and I actually bought one of them today. They just make me feel all festive and they are really cute and comfortable. I will probably post a picture of them on Instagram soon.

3) Red Nail Polish
In winter, I love wearing red nail polish, even though my nails aren't very long. I am doing a blog post on winter nails when I break up from school for Christmas!

4) Candles
I love candles any time of the year, but in winter there are all the warm, spicy scents, which I absolutely love!

5) Hot Chocolate
When I write my blog posts, I usually have a mug of hot chocolate or tea just because it feels cosy.

6) Body Moisturisers / Butters
Like my lips, my skin gets quite dry in winter because it is windy and cold. I like Soap and Glory's Butter Yourself body butter as it is very light but moisturising.

Joyeux Noel,
Charlotte <3

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