Thursday, 31 December 2015

My New Years Resolutions 2016

And yes, I did write '..... 2015' in the title box before I quickly changed it and I am sure I will not be the only one doing that for the next 3 months. Seriously. I still accidentally write 2013 or 2014 in my school books, its bad. Really bad.
Moving on.......
Happy New Year! I hope you had a good New Years Eve and today is going well. I thought what better way than start off a new year of blogging than sharing my New Years' Resolutions with you.
Before we begin, I'm not going to say 'to lose weight', even though I do want to lose a little bit, but its not that important to me. There are far more important things in life to deal with, famine, murder, terrorism, flooding, the list goes on. Wow, that turned dark quickly, good one Charlotte! Anyway, I mean it. Let's begin!

  1. Eat Healthier - I usually have pizza from the canteen for lunch at school, which is not very good for your health. So I am going to take packed lunches more often and try and not eat a lot of 'junk food'.
  2. Be More Active - I am quite lazy and I don't put a huge amount of effort into P.E, especially in the winter months. To become more active, I am going to try a bit harder and maybe take part in sports.
  3. Stay in Touch With Everyone - I'm not going anywhere but I don't think I talk to some of my family (and some of my friends) enough. Some of family live quite far away so I don't see them very often and I also don't talk to them a lot. I am going to try and speak to them at least once a week, because something could happen and I know I would regret it if I rarely spoke to them. *Once again, turning deep and sad*.
  4. Save Money - I am some-what of a mild shopaholic, but I am going to attempt to rid myself of that by rethinking before I buy something, whether or not I really need it, I will also refuse to buy things I don't need. *Nice bit of GCSE Textiles revision in there Charlotte, well done*.
  5. Stay Calm and Stress Less - I stress. A lot. Mainly about school, but it affects me all the time as I can't concentrate, sleep or really do anything when I'm stressed. So this year I thought it would be good if I found new ways of staying calm and try and organise my life ahead.
  6. Post Fairly Frequently of Here and on Instagram - sometimes I don't post on here or Instagram for quite a while, 2016 WILL BE THE YEAR OF CONSISTENCY! *I doubt it, but a girl can dream, can't she?*. On a serious note, I am already pre-planning and writing blog posts, so I don't fall behind.
  7. Read More - I need to read more often! The last novel I read was 'Girl Online : On Tour' in November, wow that's ages ago! I do need to read more as my teachers say "10 to 15 minutes of reading can help your English skills and expand your vocabulary". Needs must!
  8. Help People - I want to help people. I want to help my friends with their problems *you wouldn't believe how many my year group have had recently* and if they need help with their school work if they need it. I want to help my family at their business more often, as they are all very hard-working and I want to say thank you for all they have done for me *wow. Soppy or what?!*
  9. Drink More Water - I don't drink enough water. Simple. Water is good for you in some way, I don't know what, but it is! I think its supposed to be good for you skin and your brain...... not sure. I will look it up later.
  10. Get More Sleep / Go To Bed Earlier - I don't get a lot of sleep. I usually drop off at around midnight or later, which is VERY BAD! This results in me being tired at school and I can't concentrate. I don't know why I can't sleep until then. Might be stress, oh don't know!  I need to sleep for longer!
  11. Go Outside More - I am very much an indoor person, maybe the fact that my mum doesn't let me go outside on my own/without an adult, because of all these news stories you hear about kidnapped children etc., what a world we live in! Anyway, yes I do spend a lot of time inside and I don't usually leave the house unless I absolutely have to. I am going to achieve this by going out for the day with my family or friends and going for walks etc.
  12. Make Some Internet Friends - I know this can be very dangerous, but I think it would be fun to speak to other bloggers.
  13. Don't Be Scared - I am fairly shy and I worry about practically anything. I want to be able to be more confident around people I don't know too well and not worry what other people think of me.
  14. Make Sure I Eat Breakfast Everyday - Especially on school days. I usually have a glass of milk in the morning because I don't have a lot of time and I can't really be bothered to get anything. This is bad as I struggle to concentrate and I don't do as well as I could.
But, even after that very long list, my main resolution is to be happy. Mostly, they all link to this. I said at the start that weight didn't matter to me, but this does. Being happy won't just affect me. Everyone around me will be some-what better off because of this *mainly because they won't have to deal with my 'negative side'*. Being happy is very important, if that's the only thing you take away from this, please let it be that.

Bonne annee,
Charlotte <3

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