Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Christmas/December Bucket List 2015


Day 2 of BLOGMAS is here! So today I thought I would write my Christmas Bucket List/ things I want/need to do before Christmas. I am going to try and do 25 - 25th of December and all that - don't be too surprised if most of them relate to food)

  1. STICK TO BLOGMAS - this may be difficult but I can do it!
  2. Make sure everyone's presents are wrapped and delivered on time
  3. Give all my friends Christmas cards on time - one year, my friend didn't get her card until the middle of January!
  4. Get the Christmas Tree up before Christmas Eve *totally didn't leave it until 9pm Christmas Eve last year, cough cough*
  5. Watch Elf - I have never seen this film *don't hate me*
  6. Bake lots of Christmas goodies (coming soon)
  7. Decorate my bedroom
  8. Take loads of winter/Christmas themed pictures for Instagram @vieaveccharlotte - little plug)
  9. Make my family homemade gifts - I will either blog about them or have photos on Instagram)
  10. Burn Christmas candles
  11. Make sure all my family and friends know I am grateful for them
  12. Paint my nails in a festive colour
  13. Make hot chocolate with a lot of marshmallows
  14. Eat gingerbread
  15. Go late night shopping (for anyone who doesn't know what that is - it is when your all your local town's shops open later at night and celebrate Christmas with specials deals and food)
  16. Go for a drive at night to look at all the Christmas decorations
  17. Listen to Christmas music
  18. Have a snowball fight - praying for snow
  19. Do at least 3 random acts of kindness
  20. Read the Nativity story - its important to remember why we get to fill ourselves with a roast dinner and receive gifts)
  21. Have a Christmas movie marathon
  22. Have Christmas Dinner at school
  23. Visit a Christmas market
  24. As boring as it is - make sure all my revision notes are done before Christmas so I can spend time with my family
  25. Finally, plan fun games I can play with my cousins over the holidays
That was a very long post! Anyway, back again tomorrow!

Joyeux Noel!
Charlotte <3

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