Monday, 14 December 2015

Christmas Cards : The Struggle

Welcome to day 14 of #blogmas2015!
Today I thought I would do a post that might make you laugh, or something that you could relate to. I did have another post planned, but the lighting in my bedroom is awful so you may have to wait for some of these other posts. Once again, I apologise sooooo much for th e bad photography on here.
Anyway, Christmas cards are very stressful. No matter how old you are. I didn't realise this until I had to write a lot this year. Let us begin!

Primary School
This was one of the easiest years to write for, seen as my teacher gave us a list of the people in the class. Simple.
Years 1-6
At this point you begin to make your own friend groups and they are really the only people you want to give a card to. But, nooooo. You must write everyone a card because, if you don't give a card to someone in a different friend group, you have fallen out with them and their 'posse', and at primary school, that IS NOT a good thing. This may result in multiple groups turning against you, and if someone from your friend group is friends with someone from another friend group you have fallen out with, you've lost them. Inevitably, you end up with about 3 friends. Merry Christmas!
At primary school, we had to give most of the teachers a card, even if they hadn't really taught you, and I'm still not sure why. I believe it is because all the teachers talk to each other about students and it can be like yeas 1-6 all over again. 
Secondary School
In secondary school, your year groups are far bigger and you can't give a card to everyone because, well, you'd be sat there writing 'To ........ Merry Christmas From .........' for hours on end. This is basically years 1-6 all over again. However, this may mean you have more friends, which is good, but too many cards!
Even though I am a good several years off, I still understand the struggle of being an adult writing cards at Christmas. I know this because, I remember sitting in the living room with my mum as she would sit for a hours a night writing cards, all with practically the same message. Furthermore, even though adults don't seem to talk to many other people, its like they send Christmas cards to everyone in the country! People who went to their wedding/christening of their child etc., 'friends' from secondary school who they haven't spoken to since, or, my personal favourite, relatives that you have never met, nor heard of before. I find it especially funny when my parents spend a while looking for someone's address, and you don't get a card back from them! That's Christmas for ya!

Although, I do love receiving cards from people and I do like sending them. Anyway, this is my first post like this, so I hope it was okay and not too bad. If you did like it, leave me something below I could talk about in the future <3

Joyeux Noel,
Charlotte <3

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