Thursday, 10 December 2015

7 Practical Gifts for Bloggers


Welcome to day 10 of #blogmas2015 !
This posted is aimed more at bloggers than other readers, but I think you might still enjoy it. I thought I would share a list of things that bloggers might find practical or useful, that they can ask for for Christmas. This might also give other readers an idea of what bloggers use to make what they do.

1) Memory Sticks
Until I lost it, I used to store all my blog post ideas and pre-written posts on a memory stick. This was very useful, as I could add to it whenever and wherever.

2) SD Cards
SD Cards are very useful as, a lot of bloggers take their photos for their blog on a camera. Sometimes, I have to take a picture 10 or more times before I am reasonably happy with it.

3) Camera
This may be a big ask and it is definitely not essential. Any type of camera is good, whether it is the tiniest thing in the world or a great big thing with 8 lenses *not sure they exist*. I have found that using a camera has made my photos a lot clearer than by using my phone.

4)  Notebooks and Pens
I have so many notebooks and pens, but they are needed. I write a lot of my ideas down in notebooks and they come back to them later. If you are asking for these as a gift, get fun pens, coloured, gel, glitter, whatever you like. I find by having more exciting things to write in/with, I feel more excited to plan. *that sounds stupid. Aaah well*

5) Diaries / Calendars
These come in very useful when planning blog posts, especially if they have space for notes.

6) Things to Talk About
If you are a blogger, you may have an interest in trying something you have heard other people rave about.

7) Blogging Books
These have really good ideas in and are sometimes very helpful.

Anyway, I hope you found that helpful. If you have any more ideas, leave them below in the comments! And if you have any ideas/requests for Blogmas, leave them below too <3

Joyeux Noel,
Charlotte <3

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