Sunday, 1 November 2015

w7 ‘In The Nude’ Eye Shadow Pallet Review

I recently purchased the ‘In the Nude’ eye shadow pallet by w7 for £5. The colours in this pallet are nude-pink shades, some have shimmer and some are matte. There are also some bronzey coloured shadows.
This pallet looks really nice on the outside, a rose gold tin with gold writing and it is quite big as it contain 12 eye shadows. Also comes with a brush, which has a sponge applicator at one end and a brush at the other.

 (From L-R) Latte - Angel – Venice – Marilyn – Copper Pot – Sun Kissed – Alice – Bad Manners – Coffee Cup – Mud Slide – Tokyo – Fashionista
The look, which I wear the most, is made by using Marilyn, Alice, Venice and Angel. I use Marilyn as the base then add Alice to the crease and a little bit on the back of my eyelid. Venice and Angel are leave more of a shimmer and not so much of a colour. Angel is lighter so I apply that on my lid (over Marilyn) and then I add Venice over Alice. I also added Latte to my inner corners.
I really recommend this pallet and I give it a 10/10.
Parle bientôt,
Charlotte <3


  1. This looks like an amazing dupe for the original Naked Palette! x

    1. I thought about that! It does have really nice colours x