Sunday, 8 November 2015

How I De-Stress


Recently I have been a little off my game. I have felt like everything is against me and I have felt a little bit depressed. I know a lot of teenagers will say this but school and homework is stressful. I get around 20 homework tasks a week and sometimes I feel as though nothing I do is worth it. So today I thought I would share with you how I calm down/ relax when I get stressed.

  1. Do things you know you love - i.e. YouTube, reading, TV, sleeping etc.
  2. Sleep - sometimes the best way to deal with everything is just to sleep on it as it means that you are getting rest and your brain can relax for a while
  3. Cry - I know this may be a little controversial but, for me, just having a little cry and by getting whatever it is making me upset out of my system, makes me feel better.
  4. Write a letter - if there is specifically someone or something making me angry or upset, I will sit down and write it/them a letter. In this letter I explain what it/they have done to upset me and how bad it/they have made me feel. Of course, I never send these letters, I keep them in a little box which is hidden away so I don't have to see them. This helps me get everything that is stuck in my head out and I can forget about it.
  5. Plan - I know this may sound stupid, but by making a plan of when I am going to deal with everything helps me as I know that when I wake up from my sleep or after I have calmed down, I know I can do everything.
This post is a little different, but I hope you enjoyed it. If  have helped any of you *which I highly doubt* or if you have any tips for me, leave them below. <3

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Much Love and Parle Bientot,
Charlotte <3


  1. Hey Charlotte, thx this really helped, with... things :-)

  2. This post was great Charlotte! I actually agree that crying when you feel stressed can actually be a good thing, there's nothing worse than keeping emotions and frustrations bottled up to build and get worse. Planning always helps me too! Xo

    1. Thank you so much chick! I agree! Xx