Sunday, 22 November 2015

25 Winter/Christmas Blog Post Ideas

Today I thought I would write a list of 25 Winter/Christmas Blog Post ideas. I find these really helpful when I don't know what to post, so I thought some of you might find my ideas useful.
  1. Winter Look Book
  2. 3 Winter Lip Looks
  3. GRWM Christmas Party
  4. Favourite Winter Candles
  5. Warm Me Up for Winter Tag (my last post)
  6. BLOGmas (Post everyday until Christmas)
  7. Christmas Cookie Recipe
  8. DIY Sugar Lip Scrub
  9. Stocking Fillers
  10. My Favourite Things to Do In Winter
  11. Christmas Decorations (Inspiration)
  12. Festive Eye Looks
  13. Your Christmas Wishlist
  14. How To Survive A Winter Illness
  15. Gift Guide for Girls
  16. Gift Guide for Boys (it is always so difficult to buy for them)
  17. Festive Candles
  18. Winter Nails
  19. DIY Body Scrub
  20. Winter Reads (Book Recommendations)
  21. Secret Santa Ideas
  22. YouTube Favourites to Watch On Winter Nights
  23. Winter Photography
  24. New Years' Party Decorations and Snacks
  25. New Years' Resolutions
I hope you found these helpful! I will definitely be posting most of these in the next couple of months! Comment which ones you would like me to do!
Parle bientot,
Charlotte <3

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Warm Me Up for Winter Tag 2015


I was going to do a Q&A today, but I didn't get very many questions, but hopefully I will do it next weekend instead. And so, as my plan failed, I thought I would do the 'Warm Me Up for Winter Tag'. I watched Eve Bennet's YouTube video and I thought it might be quite a quick post for me to write. Let us begin!
  1. What's your favourite hot chocolate?
My favourite hot chocolate is Whittard's 'Luxury White Hot Chocolate'. My friend bought me this in a set for my birthday and it is my absolute favourite. Sometimes, I don't like hot chocolate because it can be a bit bitter, but this one is fairly sweet and I can actually finish it.

     2.   What's your favourite PJ's/fluffy socks/slippers?
I don't like slippers very much so I don't wear them often. My favourite fluffy socks are my pair of grey socks with mint and white pattern from Primark (they came in a set of two). My favourite PJs are either my reindeer PJs that my grandparents got me for Christmas or a pair of 'jersey' type shorts and a t-shirt.

    3.    Favourite thing about winter?
CHRISTMAS............. or wrapping up nice and warm.

    4.    Favourite winter lip product?
My Baby Lips Winter Delight lip balm in Sweet Apple. It is quite red so I tend to only put on a little bit. But I do love it and it smells really good.

    5.    Favourite winter candle?
My favourite winter candle is either 'Christmas Cookie' by Yankee Candle or 'Apple and Spice' by Febreeze. Christmas Cookie smells like cake and biscuits, and to compare it to something else, it smells exactly like Soap and Glory's 'Rich and Foamus', which I also love. 'Apple and Spice' smells like apple and spices..... I does just smell like Christmas

    6.    Favourite cosy jumper?
My Rib Knit jumper from H&M in the colour 'camel'.
    7.      Favourite scarf?
My favourite scarf is my red and navy blanket scarf from Primark, that was £5. It is so warm and cosy, it is also quite big so sometimes it is like a blanket.

    8.      Favourite bath bomb?
My favourite winter/Christmas bath bomb is the 'Luxury Lush Pud' by LUSH. This is the first bath bomb I tried by LUSH and it is my definite favourite. It is very bright and it turns your bath water a very pretty colour. Also, it smells sooooooo good, its like gingery and spicy.

    9.       Favourite winter scent?
My favourite winter scent is probably the bath bomb or the Apple and Spice candle.
   10.      What do you like to do in the winter?
In winter I like to watch films, bake festive food and go to Christmas events (Late night openings, Christmas Fayres and markets).
   11.      Favourite films?
My favourite film in 'Descendants' (Disney), but around winter and Christmas I love to watch Christmas specials on the TV (mostly the comedy shows).
   12.      Do you like the snow?
Yes! When I was primary school I liked it a lot more because I would sometimes get the day off school but now, in secondary school, I don't like it as much because I have to travel to school on the bus and the snow is black an slushy and slippery.
Parle bientot,
Charlotte <3

Sunday, 8 November 2015

How I De-Stress


Recently I have been a little off my game. I have felt like everything is against me and I have felt a little bit depressed. I know a lot of teenagers will say this but school and homework is stressful. I get around 20 homework tasks a week and sometimes I feel as though nothing I do is worth it. So today I thought I would share with you how I calm down/ relax when I get stressed.

  1. Do things you know you love - i.e. YouTube, reading, TV, sleeping etc.
  2. Sleep - sometimes the best way to deal with everything is just to sleep on it as it means that you are getting rest and your brain can relax for a while
  3. Cry - I know this may be a little controversial but, for me, just having a little cry and by getting whatever it is making me upset out of my system, makes me feel better.
  4. Write a letter - if there is specifically someone or something making me angry or upset, I will sit down and write it/them a letter. In this letter I explain what it/they have done to upset me and how bad it/they have made me feel. Of course, I never send these letters, I keep them in a little box which is hidden away so I don't have to see them. This helps me get everything that is stuck in my head out and I can forget about it.
  5. Plan - I know this may sound stupid, but by making a plan of when I am going to deal with everything helps me as I know that when I wake up from my sleep or after I have calmed down, I know I can do everything.
This post is a little different, but I hope you enjoyed it. If  have helped any of you *which I highly doubt* or if you have any tips for me, leave them below. <3

Next Sunday I am doing a Q & A so, if you have any questions then you can comment them on the picture on my Instagram with 'Q & A' written across it, you can tweet me (links to Instagram and Twitter are on the sidebar) or you can comment them below or on my 'About Me' page.

Much Love and Parle Bientot,
Charlotte <3

Sunday, 1 November 2015

w7 ‘In The Nude’ Eye Shadow Pallet Review

I recently purchased the ‘In the Nude’ eye shadow pallet by w7 for £5. The colours in this pallet are nude-pink shades, some have shimmer and some are matte. There are also some bronzey coloured shadows.
This pallet looks really nice on the outside, a rose gold tin with gold writing and it is quite big as it contain 12 eye shadows. Also comes with a brush, which has a sponge applicator at one end and a brush at the other.

 (From L-R) Latte - Angel – Venice – Marilyn – Copper Pot – Sun Kissed – Alice – Bad Manners – Coffee Cup – Mud Slide – Tokyo – Fashionista
The look, which I wear the most, is made by using Marilyn, Alice, Venice and Angel. I use Marilyn as the base then add Alice to the crease and a little bit on the back of my eyelid. Venice and Angel are leave more of a shimmer and not so much of a colour. Angel is lighter so I apply that on my lid (over Marilyn) and then I add Venice over Alice. I also added Latte to my inner corners.
I really recommend this pallet and I give it a 10/10.
Parle bientôt,
Charlotte <3