Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Travel Essentials and Packing Tips

So in the Land of the Home (England), it is very close to October Half Term, which means, basically a week off school where teachers still give you a mountain of homework to do, as they assume, as teenagers, we have nothing better to do with our lives.
Anyway, after my little rant, it is the time where a lot of people go on holiday. So I thought I would share with you my travel essentials and how I pack.  I know there are a lot of families who go on holiday in their country and drive, and most travel videos/posts are for air travel, so mine is specifically for ‘road trips’. 

Travel Essentials
For a bag, I like to bring a backpack, so that I can use it on holiday, it can carry a lot.

      1.     Fully Charged Phone * nuff said *

2.     Earbuds and Headphones – I like to bring both as sometimes, earbuds make my ears hurt if they are in too long. Also, I like to bring headphones are they are better at blocking out the CD your parents  play in the car, which is bad about 75% of the time *tell me if I’m wrong*

3.     Food and Drink – Now I like to have something like a water bottle and a small bag of sweets or something just in case I get hungry. When we travel, most of the time we get a McDonalds or Burger King or something. Quick question, Burger King or McDonalds? Leave your answer in the comments!

4.     Chargers – I know that you can’t use a plug-in charger in the car but I like having mine with me, so that way, I know where it is straight away.  You could also take a fully charged portable charger, if you have one.

5.     I will have a little ‘make up bag’ in my backpack with things like deodorant, body spray and hair bobbles in it, just in case I have to interact with others.
Packing Tips

If you are going away and you are only allowed a small bag/suitcase, then look I have some ideas you might like. There are only a few because they all work well and I couldn’t think of any more.

1.     Put your make up / beauty bag inside your journey bag – This way you will save space in your suitcase and you have your make up with you in case you need something whilst travelling.

2.     Roll your clothing – I know that if you have watched as many travel videos on YouTube as I have, then you will have heard this many times. But I am repeating it anyway! Rolling your clothes saves space in your bag and keeps them some-what fresher.

3.     Plan your outfits – Check the weather forecast and plan what you are going to wear with what on what day. This way you could have loads of different outfits and only be taking 5 items.

I hope you found my ideas helpful *I doubt it*
Parle bientôt,
Charlotte <3

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