Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Top 5 Songs - September 2015


So today I thought I would share my top 5 songs with you. I have been listening to these songs a lot recently and I will tell you for why below, in the list. They aren’t in any sort order, I love them all.
1.     Fight Song by Rachel Platten – I adore this song because it just makes me feel like clenching my fists and blasting out the lyrics with her, because I love it so much. I love it because it is like, no one else had any confidence in her, but she had self-confidence, and that was all she needed. <3
2.     Ugly Heart by GRL – I love this song. I know that is quite old now, but it still has meaning. I fell in love with it when I learnt Mandy Jiroux’s routine to it and I just listen to it on repeat on the school bus, going through the routine in my head, and making up routines for the verses. <3
3.     Drag Me Down by One Direction – This song is amazing. The music video is amazing. I just love it. I stopped being a big fan of One Direction around Y6, but this song made me love them again. <3
I’m not going to lie, I didn’t really like Zayn to start off with, and now he has gone, there isn’t really a big difference to 1D, in my opinion. I know that some people will disagree, but I disliked him even more when he split up with Perrie. Anyway, that is a different topic altogether.
4.     Can’t Stop Dancing by Becky G – Once again, I fell in love with this when I learnt Many Jiroux’s routine and it is really catchy. I love the beat and the lyrics. <3
5.     Little Mix – I know, that isn’t a song, but I have been loving ‘Black Magic’ and ‘Hair’. Little Mix have always been my favourite band and I love them because, they are confident, strong women and extremely talented. <3

Parle bientôt,

Charlotte <3

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