Wednesday, 5 August 2015

What's In My Bag Summer Edition

You may have guessed that this post is a 'What is in my bag', but it is also sort of my summer essentials. Hope you enjoy!
My bag: This summer, I have been/will be using my navy spotted backpack. It is a bit battered and I have had to knot the straps as they ripped, but I still use it because I like the pockets and it is a good size. Also, I use this bag as, when I go to the beach I can fit my shoes in it.

In the big section of my bag:

1.      First is obviously my phone because I take it everywhere.

2.      Next is a water bottle, I fill it up throughout the day and drink from it often as it is very hot at the minute.

3.      I also carry my purse with me, I have the daisy print one from Acessorize.

4.      I carry a small pouch with me which just has my ‘Rimmel London Stay Matte’ powder, because my face gets shiny, a brush for my powder and my Baby Lips ‘Intense Care’.

5.      Also, in the small zip pocket in the back, I put my earbuds so I can listen to music.

6.      Plus, if I am out with my friends, I will carry my selfie stick.

7.      I also carry my ‘Boots Extracts Vanilla Body Spray’, which I use throughout the day.

8.      Finally, I carry a small hairbrush in case my hair gets knotted up whilst on the beach.

    In the front pockets:

1.      In a small pocket on its own, I have my Nivea pocket size sun cream, in SPF 50, so that I don’t get burnt.

2.      In the middle pocket I have my sunglasses in the little pouch I made.

3.      Also in the middle pocket I carry a cereal bar and a pack of chewing gum, in case I get hungry.

4.      In the other small pocket I carry a small compact mirror for when I put my powder on.

5.      Finally, I have my keys in the pocket with the mirror.
Parle bientôt,
Charlotte :-)

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