Saturday, 22 August 2015

DIY Earbuds Life Hack


We all have that time when you pull your earbuds out of your pocket and they are all messed up. Well this DIY life hack will help.
I’m going to show you how to make an earbuds holder that is quick to make and perfect for school. All you need is:

·        Two wooden clip clothes pegs
·        Glue (Pritt Stick will work)
·        Something to decorate (Sharpies, Washi Tape etc.)

First glue your pegs together so that the openings are at opposite ends (I am not very good at explaining things, so if you are confused, look at the picture). Then hold them until stuck, it shouldn’t take too long. Then decorate!
By putting the plug bit through one opening, wrapping the wire around and clipping the earbuds through the other opening, you will never have to struggle with tangled earbuds again! It is also compact so it is good to throw in your bag or your locker.


Parle bientôt,

Charlotte <3

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