Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Back To School Room Decor 2015

It is now getting close to going back to school, so I thought I would share a few of my favourite DIYs with you.
Sticky Note To Do Board
This DIY is super simple! All you need is:
·        Sticky Note Pads (As many as you want)
·        Cardboard
·        Strong Glue (Mod Podge and PVA will work)
·        Sharpie Markers or felt pens
·        Something to Decorate
Arrange your sticky notes on the cardboard, then use your pens to draw decorative lines around them. Then apply glue to the back of the sticky note pads and put them on the cardboard. Leave them to dry then decorate. I wrapped some wool around one side, punched holes to hang it up then covered the blu-tack with a fake flower. I wrote one title on/above each pad, I did: To Do, To Make, To Buy and Memo. I have hung mine on my bedroom door so, as soon as I come in I can write what I need to remember, then take the note with me when I leave.
Pyramid Storage
This is also a super cute and simple DIY. All you need is:
·        Jars (As many as you want)
·        A Hot Glue Gun
Layout three jars then hot glue them together in a line, then hot glue two jars in the spaces (to form the pyramid). Adjust this to as many jars as you have. Then store all your supplies in them.
This isn’t my photo, I found it on Google Images.
Mouse Pad
This is also a really cheap and simple DIY. All you need is:
·        A Mouse Pad
·        Scrapbook Paper
·        Mod Podge/PVA glue
All you need to do is cut the mouse pad to the shape you want (heart, star etc.), then cut the paper to the shape of the mouse pad. Put glue on the mouse pad, line the paper up and then cover that with Mod Podge/PVA glue to keep it strong.
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Parle bientôt,
Charlotte <3


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