Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Back to School: DIY Doughnut Pin Board


This DIY is the start of my Back to School series, #VACschool2015. This DIY is great for any time of the year, you can put it up in your bedroom and attach notes and photos for school or as decoration. All you need is light brown cardboard, a piece of paper for the icing in any colour, multi coloured push pins, PVA glue, scissors and a glue applicator.

Cut your cardboard into a circle and then a smaller circle inside (you could use a bowl for the large circle and a glass for the small circle). Then put your piece of paper over the ‘doughnut’ and draw a squiggly line around in any way you like, and cut that out. Then find the inside circle on the cardboard, and cut the paper out. Then cover the ‘doughnut’ and the ‘icing’ in PVA glue, so that it dries shiny. Once dry, add the push pins to the ‘doughnut’ and they look like sprinkles (attach the notes and pictures with them).

This can be made in different shapes and sizes. I made the doughnut and a butterfly. You can make them for different occasions (Christmas, Halloween, Easter, spring, summer, autumn etc.). I made the butterfly by printing the image from the internet, sticking it to the cardboard and cutting round it.

If you try this out, take a picture and share it on Instagram and Twitter, tag me in it and use the hashtags #VACDecor and #VACschool2015

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