Sunday, 30 August 2015

After School Routine 2015

I thought I would share my after school ‘routine’ with you and some tips I have for organising my evenings.
I get back from school at about 4:15pm, then get a drink and a snack to take upstairs with me. Then I write all the homework tasks I have to do on a piece of paper and get the books out I need to do them. After I have made sure I have everything I need to do my homework, I get changed out of my school uniform into something more comfortable.
When I do my homework, I tend to do all what I was given the night I get it, so I don’t fall behind. Also, I do the homework I least want to do first, because I am more awake at that point. Between pieces of homework, I give myself a little break (5 or 10 minutes), so that when I am doing a piece of homework my brain thinks it is like a little reward. I usually get 3 pieces of homework a day and I try and get it all done before tea, so that afterwards I can do things I enjoy.
I try and go to bed at about 10 pm, so that the next morning, I can get up on time and not be too tired.
Parle bientôt,
Charlotte <3

Friday, 28 August 2015

Back to School Supplies Haul 2015


I have bought a lot of stuff for school that I probably don’t need, but I thought I would share it with you anyway.

First of all, my backpack. It is from Animal and is Aztec print. It has three large sections (a huge one at the back with a laptop sleeve, a slightly smaller section and then a thin section at the front), with two pockets at the sides for drinks bottles.

WHSmith – I bought a lot in WHSmith, but a majority of it was on offer. I bought:

·        4 Ring Binders (Dark Pink, Light Blue, Indigo and Purple) - £5.48

·        A 24 Pack of Sharpies - £6.99

·        A Small Dotty 2015/2016 Academic Year Diary

·        A Green Stripe and Chevron Lexi Collection Pencil Case - £6.99

Wilko – I bought:

·        2 Pritt Sticks (1 big one for my desk and 1 medium sized one for my pencil case) £2.50 total

·        1 Pack of Patterned Revision Cards - £1.00

·        2 Packs of Paper Mate Ink Joy Pens (1 of Plain Black and the other were multi coloured

I also bought pencils, rubbers and things like that at small local shops.

Parle bientôt,

Charlotte <3

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Back To School Room Decor 2015

It is now getting close to going back to school, so I thought I would share a few of my favourite DIYs with you.
Sticky Note To Do Board
This DIY is super simple! All you need is:
·        Sticky Note Pads (As many as you want)
·        Cardboard
·        Strong Glue (Mod Podge and PVA will work)
·        Sharpie Markers or felt pens
·        Something to Decorate
Arrange your sticky notes on the cardboard, then use your pens to draw decorative lines around them. Then apply glue to the back of the sticky note pads and put them on the cardboard. Leave them to dry then decorate. I wrapped some wool around one side, punched holes to hang it up then covered the blu-tack with a fake flower. I wrote one title on/above each pad, I did: To Do, To Make, To Buy and Memo. I have hung mine on my bedroom door so, as soon as I come in I can write what I need to remember, then take the note with me when I leave.
Pyramid Storage
This is also a super cute and simple DIY. All you need is:
·        Jars (As many as you want)
·        A Hot Glue Gun
Layout three jars then hot glue them together in a line, then hot glue two jars in the spaces (to form the pyramid). Adjust this to as many jars as you have. Then store all your supplies in them.
This isn’t my photo, I found it on Google Images.
Mouse Pad
This is also a really cheap and simple DIY. All you need is:
·        A Mouse Pad
·        Scrapbook Paper
·        Mod Podge/PVA glue
All you need to do is cut the mouse pad to the shape you want (heart, star etc.), then cut the paper to the shape of the mouse pad. Put glue on the mouse pad, line the paper up and then cover that with Mod Podge/PVA glue to keep it strong.
If you try out any of these DIYs, tag me on Instagram and Twitter (names on the side bar) and use the hashtags #VACschool2015 and #VACdecor
Parle bientôt,
Charlotte <3


Monday, 24 August 2015

Back To School Hairstyles 2015


This post has 6 hairstyles that are quick, easy and perfect for school. At my school, we have to have our hair tied back or at least off our face and ears, so you may have worked out that these are mostly up do’s. If you don’t understand my descriptions, there is a link to the place I found it. Let’s go!
The Cheating Fishtail
 I call this hairstyle the ‘Cheating Fishtail’ because I think it looks like a loose fishtail braid, but doesn’t take half as long! (I say this because it takes me ages to do a real fishtail braid!).
First, put your hair to one side and split it in three. With the front section, twist it backwards from the top of my head all the way down. Hold the outside sections further forward than the middle one, then split the middle section in two and bring them around either section and gather them together at the front. Then split the newly made middle section and bring them around the front two. Repeat until you get as far down as you like.

The Twisted ‘Braid’
This is another mock fishtail braid. Start off by gathering the top section of your hair, securing it with an elastic and then flipping the ponytail over and through. Repeat this until the bottom, then secure with a bobble. The link to Ingrid Nilsen’s Video:
This is also Ingrid's photo. I did this on my hair but I couldn't take the photo :-(
Half Up French Twist
For this, French twist your hair all the way down to your ear and then continue twisting until you get to the end. Do this with the other side of your hair. Then pull both twists to the back of your head and secure with a hair bobble. This keeps your hair out of your face, but still looks super cute.
French Braid Pony/Bun
For the French Braid Pony, French braid your hair until you get to the middle of the back of your head, gather up the rest of your hair and secure it with an elastic.

For the bun, do the above instructions, then wrap your hair around and secure it with an elastic. Simple!
If you recreate any of these hairstyles tag me on Instagram and Twitter (my names are on the side bar) and use the hashtag #VACschool2015

Parle bientôt,

Charlotte <3

Saturday, 22 August 2015

DIY Earbuds Life Hack


We all have that time when you pull your earbuds out of your pocket and they are all messed up. Well this DIY life hack will help.
I’m going to show you how to make an earbuds holder that is quick to make and perfect for school. All you need is:

·        Two wooden clip clothes pegs
·        Glue (Pritt Stick will work)
·        Something to decorate (Sharpies, Washi Tape etc.)

First glue your pegs together so that the openings are at opposite ends (I am not very good at explaining things, so if you are confused, look at the picture). Then hold them until stuck, it shouldn’t take too long. Then decorate!
By putting the plug bit through one opening, wrapping the wire around and clipping the earbuds through the other opening, you will never have to struggle with tangled earbuds again! It is also compact so it is good to throw in your bag or your locker.


Parle bientôt,

Charlotte <3

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Back to School Backpack/Locker Essentials 2015


I keep a few things in my locker just in case, a small essentials bag, a spare pencil case and calculator.

There is a small bag in my locker with a few things in I might need at school. I am using a purple square pouch with daisies by JODA.

I have:

·        Small Roll-on Deodorant
·        Hair Ties and Bobby Pins
·        A Compact Mirror
·        A Small Hairbrush
·        A Small Nail File
·        Plasters
·        Spare Lunch Money (£5)
·        Tissues
·        A Small Body Spray
·        Hand Sanitizer
·        Cough/Throat Sweets
·        Hay Fever Tablets (more of a Summer Essential)

I also have a spare pencil case and a spare calculator in my locker in case I forget mine. In the comments, write one of your School Essentials that I might have forgotten.

Parle bientôt,

Charlotte <3


Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Back to School: DIY Doughnut Pin Board


This DIY is the start of my Back to School series, #VACschool2015. This DIY is great for any time of the year, you can put it up in your bedroom and attach notes and photos for school or as decoration. All you need is light brown cardboard, a piece of paper for the icing in any colour, multi coloured push pins, PVA glue, scissors and a glue applicator.

Cut your cardboard into a circle and then a smaller circle inside (you could use a bowl for the large circle and a glass for the small circle). Then put your piece of paper over the ‘doughnut’ and draw a squiggly line around in any way you like, and cut that out. Then find the inside circle on the cardboard, and cut the paper out. Then cover the ‘doughnut’ and the ‘icing’ in PVA glue, so that it dries shiny. Once dry, add the push pins to the ‘doughnut’ and they look like sprinkles (attach the notes and pictures with them).

This can be made in different shapes and sizes. I made the doughnut and a butterfly. You can make them for different occasions (Christmas, Halloween, Easter, spring, summer, autumn etc.). I made the butterfly by printing the image from the internet, sticking it to the cardboard and cutting round it.

If you try this out, take a picture and share it on Instagram and Twitter, tag me in it and use the hashtags #VACDecor and #VACschool2015

Parle bientôt,

Charlotte <3

My Instagram account is @vieaveccharlotte and my Twitter is @VieAvecChar (or search VieAvecCharlotte)

Sunday, 16 August 2015

DIY Lip Balm


This is a DIY for a lip balm that only requires ingredients that you can find at home. All you need is Vaseline, and old lip gloss or lipstick, a container, a microwave proof mug/jug and a microwave.

Start off with a small amount of Vaseline and the lip colour in the mug and microwave for 20 seconds or until melted. Keep adding more of the ingredients until it is the colour you want and it is the right amount for your container. Freeze until solid.

For a sheerer colour use less lip gloss/lipstick and for a bolder colour use more. You could make different designs:

·        Ombre by making separate batches (a darker shade, freeze, and then a lighter shade on top, freeze and continue as many times as you want),

·        Multiple Shades by pouring a shade into a side of the container then tilting it on its side and covering it with cling film and then repeating this step as many times as you want. This is a good option for travelling.

·        Marble by making two batches and mixing them together a little bit in the container and freezing.

·        Flavoured by adding some scented lip balm to the mix (I used my Nivea Vanilla and Macadamia lip balm, and it smells really good)
Parle bientôt,
Charlotte :-)

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

What's In My Bag Summer Edition

You may have guessed that this post is a 'What is in my bag', but it is also sort of my summer essentials. Hope you enjoy!
My bag: This summer, I have been/will be using my navy spotted backpack. It is a bit battered and I have had to knot the straps as they ripped, but I still use it because I like the pockets and it is a good size. Also, I use this bag as, when I go to the beach I can fit my shoes in it.

In the big section of my bag:

1.      First is obviously my phone because I take it everywhere.

2.      Next is a water bottle, I fill it up throughout the day and drink from it often as it is very hot at the minute.

3.      I also carry my purse with me, I have the daisy print one from Acessorize.

4.      I carry a small pouch with me which just has my ‘Rimmel London Stay Matte’ powder, because my face gets shiny, a brush for my powder and my Baby Lips ‘Intense Care’.

5.      Also, in the small zip pocket in the back, I put my earbuds so I can listen to music.

6.      Plus, if I am out with my friends, I will carry my selfie stick.

7.      I also carry my ‘Boots Extracts Vanilla Body Spray’, which I use throughout the day.

8.      Finally, I carry a small hairbrush in case my hair gets knotted up whilst on the beach.

    In the front pockets:

1.      In a small pocket on its own, I have my Nivea pocket size sun cream, in SPF 50, so that I don’t get burnt.

2.      In the middle pocket I have my sunglasses in the little pouch I made.

3.      Also in the middle pocket I carry a cereal bar and a pack of chewing gum, in case I get hungry.

4.      In the other small pocket I carry a small compact mirror for when I put my powder on.

5.      Finally, I have my keys in the pocket with the mirror.
Parle bientôt,
Charlotte :-)