Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Being Unique


Something you don't know about me is that I have very strong beliefs about individuality. I think that being yourself and being happy about who you are is very important. In fact, for a project at school some of my friends and I wrote a song about it in our music lesson.

I believe that other people's approval is not a big part of increasing self confidence. As long you are happy as yourself, then no one else matters. You don't need to wear make up, lose weight, change your clothing style or anything else. I have seen people change to win other people's affection, they have edited their appearance and personality to please others.

If someone doesn't like you for who you are, then they aren't worth it and you should find someone who accepts you.

PS: Here is the link to the YouTube video for a song by Dove Cameron called 'What a Girl Is' form the Disney show 'Liv and Maddie'.

Parle bientôt,
Charlotte :-)

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