Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Healthy Habits I Want To Start in 2018


Much like last year, I'm going to call my New Year's Resolutions something else to try and psychologically trick myself into succeeding - so that's what this is.

I realised a few weeks back, that my life is very much a mess; I rarely do homework at home, I don't eat very well or take care of myself properly, I forget a lot of things I need to do and I definitely don't sleep as much as I should. Hence this list of habits I want to take up in the New Year (and hopefully continue as long as possible, which will hopefully be a long time).

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Summer Reading List 2017 || Collab with Abbie

Hey everyone,

Today's post is a collab with my lovely internet friend Abbie from Life Of Abbie Jenkins! We'll be sharing the books we hope to read over the summer holiday this year. I really want to get back into reading this summer and when Abbie suggested we did a collab, I thought it would be a perfect way for me to get motivated to read. Let's begin!

Friday, 21 July 2017

"Identity Crisis"

Hey everyone,

If you follow my Instagram, then you'll know that I have recently had a slight "identity crisis", if you will. Well, on the bright side, it couldn't have come at a better time because I now have 6 weeks and a bit to... remake myself?... I have no idea, but lets go with that. If you don't know "how" this came about, click here to read my Instagram post about it.

Now you're all updated, I'm going to explain what I'm doing back here... Well, I've been wanting to get back into blogging for a while now, but had the bare minimum of motivation - however, now I've gained some back and here I am!

Whilst I'm on this "journey of self discovery" (yes, it actually does sound as stupid to me as it does to you, but we shall roll with it), I'm going to start blogging more. I've also been posting little "stories"/diary type entry things in my Instagram captions, so if you'd like an (almost daily) update on me and where I'm at etc., then you can follow me here [got to get those promos ;-)].

If you want to join me, then you are more than welcome (of course) and you can stay updated by following me on here, my Instagram (linked above), and my Twitter and YouTube are linked in the sidebar.

I've got my planner and felt tips out at the ready, so let's get down to business ;-)

Parle bientot,
Charlotte 💗

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

40 Reasons I Am A Feminist || #IWD2017


Hi everyone. Its been a while, huh? I've definitely neglected my blog a lot since, well, August 2016, really. I might explain why I've been neglecting this in another post. But, on to today!

So, yeah, I'm angry. I'm scared, I'm upset and I'm angry. I'm not going to say why, because I'm sure you can guess. I'm sure you heard about the #WomensMarch a few weeks ago. I wanted to talk about this because whenever I tried to talk about this at home, my brother and my dad would always be saying things at me against the idea of it. They'd say it was stupid and sexist and pointless and just a load of angry women. My parents follow me on Twitter and seen I'd retweeted a couple of tweets about the #WomensMarch. My Dad told me not to post stuff online about "things like that" because people might think things about me or something stupid, I don't really know, I usually "switch off" when I smell ignorance in the air - no offence Dad, if you're reading this, you're just uneducated, I'm here to educate you,  don't worry, love you xxxx

Okey dokey karaoke, I wanted to write a list about all the reasons I am a feminist and all the reasons I believe in feminism for the people out there, like my Dad, who don't really understand it/want to understand it and for all the people who want to educate themselves on feminism a bit more. Let us begin!


Friday, 30 December 2016

17 Things To Start In 2017


Hey everyone! With New Year rapidly approaching, I wanted to set some "resolutions". However, I didn't want to call them "resolutions" because I think that my brain has become immune to that word and completely ignores anything related to it. So, in order to try an confuse my own brain (this got VERY psychological VERY quickly), I have called this post '17 Things To Start in 2017'! Side note: did you get the 17 in 2017 bit? aye aye aye - oml I'm so old. Anyway! Another side note: I know 17 sounds like a lot, but with much of a list, I must be able to achieve at least one, right?........